5 Comic Series That Should Get TV Shows

Comics and TV have been closely intertwined for quite some time now. The first TV show based on a comic, Superman, dates all the way back to the 1950’s. Since then, numerous comic book TV shows have been made, both live action and animated, ranging from kids shows to shows for a more mature audience. And, in recent years, shows such as The Walking Dead and Arrow have become extremely popular. But why should the comic book industry stop there? These are five more comic book series that are just begging to be turned into TV shows.

5. 52

As a live action show, DC’s year long 52 has the potential to be extremely successful. There’s a lot of content for the show makers to mine here, since it features a bunch of different plot lines. In many ways, it is similar to, say Game of Thrones, with a variety of plot lines and characters to follow. If everything were handled well, a 52 TV show would create characters that the viewers are invested in, which would keep them coming back each week. Also, this would be a welcome change for DC’s current live action status quo, in which everything has to be realistic. The Dark Knight trilogy and Arrow are both great, but something like 52 would mix it up a bit, since there’s no way that this could be done in a manner that’s even slightly realistic. Some may argue that this could be made into a movie, but I beg to differ. Yes, a larger budget would be nice, but the series is so long that a TV show would give it more time to develop plots and characters.

4. Saga

Sci-Fi/Fantasy is one of TV’s biggest markets right now. But, to be honest,mothers really aren’t all that many great sci-fi shows. Saga, however, could change that. Since it’s only in it’s twelfth issue, I wouldn’t like to see a TV show based on it soon. However, once it’s gone for two, maybe three years, it would make great TV. It’s a sweeping, galaxy wide sci-fi epic, and it’s hard to imagine people not loving it. Unlike some other authors, Brian K. Vaughan is a master of finding the balance between character and world driven stories. With Saga, he does both at the same time, developing characters along with this massive plot, and that’s something that would work very well on TV. In my eyes, some of the more ridiculous stuff would make the show even more popular. Prince Robot IV, for example. While many TV shows suffer from bearing too many similarities to other shows, Saga would have no problem with that, because even in the world of comics, it’s something fresh and different.

3. Nightwing

Yes, the current comic series isn’t great. It’s not even good. But honestly, picture this: a TV show about a young Dick Grayson, just out of his Robin costume struggling to find a new identity of his own in Blüdhaven. In my opinion, there’s no one in the DCU quite like Dick Grayson. Unlike many characters, he struggles to throw off the symbol he was once associated with. The best part of his story isn’t his time as Robin, nor is it his later years as a more established Nightwing. It’s the years between that, right after he quit as Robin. And it’s these years that are interesting (for a TV show especially) because this is where the character grows the most. It would almost be similar to Arrow, though Dick would be a much more interesting character. This wouldn’t even have to be a comic booky show anyways. Sure, we’d have to see Nightwing taking down some criminals, but it could work as a show that’s more about him carving out his new identity, and being more than just Batman’s sidekick.

2. Hawkeye

Hawkeye as a comedy? Please, give it to us as soon as possible. Throughout the entire Hawkeye has been something of a ridiculous book. And I really mean that in a good way. Here we have Hawkeye, who is now probably one of the most recognizable heroes Marvel has, this badass Avenger, and instead of telling a story of him taking on criminals, we have a story about his life. And man, does that life really suck. Clint Barton is such an interesting character win the pages of these comics, and I think that he would be even more intriguing to watch on a screen. So far, the series has made me chuckle every issue, because it’s genuinely funny. Who would have thought that a Hawkeye comic could make me laugh more than almost any comedy on TV right now (The only exception being The Big Bang Theory)? So why not make it into a TV show? Sound good?

1. Y: The Last Man

Y is an apocalyptic story that is, at the same time, a critique of society. By about halfway through, the whole apocalypse thing is gone. The story still remains interesting after this point though. It’s a story about a world where every mammal with a Y chromosone died, except for Yorick Brown, and his pet monkey, Ampersand. What follows is a four year journey that begins in Washington DC and ends in Paris. A TV show is the perfect venue for this, since the journey could be done across numerous seasons. This would work because, it is, in many ways, similar to the Walking Dead. Granted, it didn’t go on as long, but the story ended in a natural place. Also, the fact that the story is over means that the show’s creators can do whatever they want with the story. They can morph, it, and make it into their own. In this way, the TV show could be something new, that is similar to the comic, yet not exactly the same. This is one TV show that I would certainly watch one weekly basis.


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