Comic Book Reviews For 4/17/2013


Injustice: Gods Among Us #14

So far, the Injustice comic has been dark, gritty, and emotionally taxing. However, it is still one of the best digital first series out there. This issue keeps the plot going at a steady pace, and Nightwing really lightens the mood of the issue, which is nice. The artwork, however, is extremely bright and uses absolutely no bright colors at all, making it hard to look at at times. Still, the issue keeps the story going Ina good way and is a good issue over all.

Rating: 7.8

Justice League #19

With issue #19, Justice League recaptures the momentum of the Throne of Atlantis event. There’s a lot of great character work in this issue, which focuses on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. At this point, the book already seems to be building int Trinity War, especially with the break in at the Batcave, which was awesome. The side story in this issue, with The Atom and Firestorm, had some great character work, and was also the most fun I’ve had reading a DC book in a long time.

Rating: 9.3

Nightwing #19

I’ve been with Nighwting since the beginning, in the hopes that the book takes a turn for the better. Sadly, it never really has. However, with his relocation to Chicago I’m issue #19, Nightwing thrives. He’s the Nightwing we know, and the book has taken a much lighter tone, and I love that about it. The new characters that were introduced are interesting enough, and their development in future issues will be great to see. Also, the new villain, the Prankster, is really awesome. Her dialogue is great, and I’m pumped to see where they take her.

Rating: 8.3

Red Hood and the Outlaws #19

The initial few pages of this issue really crushed my hopes. They were confusing, and referenced a book that won’t even come out until next month. However, after the first two or three pages, the book really picks up the pace, and does some great character work with Starfire and Roy. However, once they enter the All Caste, the story once again falls apart, with the reveal that Jason had all of his memories taken. On the future, this could create an intriguing story, but for now, it just seems a little odd.

Rating: 7.0

Wonder Woman #19

The latest issue of Wonder Woman is a standout issue in the series, and that’s saying a lot, because the series has been stellar so far. Orion is still extremely entertaining, and the events with the gods continue to build steam, but the best part of this book is Wonder Woman herself. At this point, she’s really beginning to take a leadership role, and the scene where she puts Orion in his place? That was stellar. The other characters with her – especially Hera – also got some got character work. Azzarello has really done a great job with this book.

Rating: 9.5


Age of Ultron #6

The slow pacing that the initial chapters of this book suffered from are but a memory at the point. The time travel stories, both in the future and the past, are great. The plan for attacking Ultron head on in the future seems like a pretty stupid plan, but it is fun. However,it is starting to feel inconsequential, especially with Wolverine killing Hank Pym in the past. Most of the plot stuff in this issue actually takes place in the past, despite the vast majority of the characters being in the future. Still, this book remains a great read.

Rating: 8.7

Daredevil #25

Daredevil #25 is easily the best book of the week, and will probably end up being the best book of the month, hands down. The entire issue is just one long, brutal fight between Daredevil and his new opponent, who has all the powers that Daredevil does. It’s a great, extremely entertaining issue. The story, in fact, seems to be similar to some thing like Knightfall, although it’s already shaping up to be a far superior story, especially with that ending. The art is stellar, as usual, making the action a pleasure just to look at.

Rating: 10.0

Nova #3

Nova is one of those books that just keeps getting better and better. Hence, the book’s third issue is the best yet. Sure, it has that sense of familiarity to it, but this is an origin story that we don’t really know yet, and that alone makes the book intriguing. Alex as a character is still a eat deal of fun to read, and he must be fun to write. He’s still a young hero, and him, discovering his powers, especially in he scene with Rocket Raccoon, is a lot of fun. The plot really picks up in the book’s last couple of pages though, with the Chitauri reveal.

Rating: 8.6

Dark Horse

Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin #1

After Darth Vader’s last mini series, The Ghost Prison, I had high hopes for the Ninth Assassin. However, this issue crushed those hopes. The book has gotten off to a slow start, with a plot that doesn’t make sense initially, and, even once it starts making sense, is still slow and boring. There’s not really any reason to stick around, because the outcome of this book is clear. The book does, however, still have four more issues to pick up the pace and at least make the book entertaining, so the lengthy, boring exposition is somewhat excusable.

Rating: 5.9


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