Thoughts on Dark Horse’s “The Star Wars”

Recently, Dark Horse has really upped their output of Star Wars related comics. A lot of it has actually been quite good. We’ve gotten Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison, Fire Carrier, and Star Wars, all great books. And soon, we’ll be getting some new Star Wars content from Dark Horse, entitled ‘The Star Wars’. Most of you have probably heard of this by now, but what it is is a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’ original Star Wars screenplay.

This original is so radically different from what we got in A New Hope that I would almost hesitate to call it Star Wars. This is purely fan service, though I am excited. I honestly can’t wait to dive into a world that contains characters like General Luke Skywalker, Anakin Starkiller, and a reptilian Han Solo. Now, obviously, this won’t appeal to everyone. Even big Star Wars fans, like myself, may be hesitant to pick up this book on a month to month basis.

What’s nice is that it’s a mini series, and will only be eight issues long. Honestly, were this to be ongoing, I would be hesitant to read it monthly. A mini series is the perfect outlet for it, as it allows the characters to be fleshed out, and allows enough time for a major conflict to be entered into and resolved. At this point, the book seems like it’s going to be an extremely ridiculous book, I keeping with Lucas’ original script.

That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m excited, actually. I want a ridiculously over the top Star Wars comic. I’m not complaining about Dark Horse’s current output, in fact, I’m enjoying most of it. They’re really making good use of the license, but with The Star Wars, they’re really digging deep into Star Wars lore, into things that most Star Wars fans know nearly nothing about.

What I’m afraid of, though, is this just being a ridiculous rehashing of A New Hope. A New Hope is a great movie, but I’m not sure that it merits it’s own comic, with the only change being that it’s more ridiculous. But, from what I know of Lucas’ original script, there is almost no resemblance between it and the final product that we’ve all seen. This isn’t a big worry, but it remains at the back of my mind.

My other concern is that this is just an attempt by Dark Horse to squeeze absolutely everything and anything they can out of this franchise before it’s inevitable acquisition by Marvel. Not the I can blame them, really, but it is worrying. It’s worrying because Dark Horse may not even bother to put a lot of quality into the books, since they may just want them to sell.

In the end, I’m sure that Dark Horse is better than that. I do have some doubts, but I think that The Star Wars will be a great book, and will be a joy to read. It’s something that has very rarely been explored in Star Wars, and these else worlds type stories often make franchises far more interesting than they were initially. I may have a few concerns, but, on the whole, I’m excited for is book to hit shelves.


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