My Top Five Comic Book Movie Brawls

Comic books have a lot of action. As a result, movies based on comic books have a lot of brawls. In movies, they can actually be more entertaining than on the page. Many are downright brutal for most parties involved, and, sometimes, brutal for just one of the parties. When it comes to these scenes, you can forget the intricate plot and character development. It;s just pure entertainment, and you can lose yourself in it, even in movies that do balance this dumb fun with complex, well done stories and characters. Nevertheless, here are my favorite comic book movie brawls.

5. The Hulk vs. Abomination 

Movie: The Incredible Hulk

Say what you will about the movie. Like many, I didn’t enjoy it’s story all that much. However, you simply can’t deny the entertainment value of the climactic, brutal battle that rages throughout Harlem. Both The Hulk and Abomination level their share of buildings, all the while pummeling each other. These two nearly indestructible monsters just go at each other for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, and it’s just brutally fun to watch, especially since the movie’s effects are so good.

4. 300

Movie: 300

Zack Snyder did some pretty absurd stuff with the movie, but, on the whole, the movie is a lot of Spartans and Persians cutting each other down, just like Frank Millar’s graphic novel. Unlike most comic book movies, the scope of this brawl is incredible. The slow motion and music add a lot to the entertainment value, but really, Gerard Butler’s Leonidas is the reason you watch this movie. Along with his fellow Spartans, he just cuts down any and all Persians that stand in his way, in ways that are entertaining, yet disturbingly brutal as well.

3. Iron Man vs. War Machine

Movie: Iron Man 2

Oh man. This brawl is both funny and brutal at the same time. And it’s funny in a really ridiculous way. I mean, Tony Stark and Rhody go at each other with dumbbells, of all things. And after that, they pound on each other with fists of iron. The battle builds fro, that point until the end, in which they both fire their lasers at each other, and create a massive shock wave that destroys a part of Stark’s mansion. It is really, really awesome.

2. Batman vs. Bane (Both Times)

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Forget all the quotable lines in these two fights. Both Batman and Bane seem to have some pretty awesome stuff to say while beating each other to a pulp. Of the two times they face off in the movie, I’d have to say I like the first one better, just because of how brutal it is. Both of the combatants just pound on each other. Sure, while Batman’s pummeling him, Bane sort of just stands there. But what he gives to Batman is brutally cool, especially that spinning punch. The second time, the fight is still brutal, but, because Batman has the upper hand, it’s not as cool to watch, because Bane was just far more brutal.

1. Batman vs. Superman

Movie: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

I don’t think any other battle, even in comics, can even compete with this. Maybe Doomsday vs. Superman, but this brawl at the end of the Dark Knight Returns Part 2 answers the age old question: Could the dark knight take down the man of steel? The answer is a resounding yes, as Batman, in full power armor, beats Superman into the ground with Kryptonite and his fists. And at times, Superman gives as much as he gets, beating Batman down as well. Needless to say, it’s great fun to watch.


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