Thoughts on The Man of Steel

That new trailer was undeniably awesome, and I’ve watched it quite a few times, mining it for anything I can. No, I don’t like spoilers, and would enjoy walking into the movie knowing nothing about it, and then just being wowed by how great the movie was. However, the trailer was far to tempting, and there was some great material showcased in the new trailer, which has me even more excited for the movie.

Disregarding that trailer for a second, let’s look at who’s involved in this. The movie is directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, who no doubt had some creative input. Aside from the extremely awkward sex scenes in The Watchmen and 300, I tend to enjoy Zack Snyder’s movies, and I feel that, for the most part, they’re pretty underrated by critics and viewers alike.

The Watchmen is easily his best movie. Honestly, how could it not be a great movie? Snyder’s take on the timeless graphic novel was a little different, to be sure, and he changed the plot a few times. Regardless, it was still a great movie. The same goes for 300, and I even enjoyed Sucker Punch.

Snyder’s strength is definitely creating action heavy movies that have just enough plot and character development to make the movies engaging, with The Watchmen being the only exception to this rule. However, he’s never had Christopher Nolan looking over his shoulder before. Christopher Nolan, who has never made a bad movie. Ever. I mean, look at his work. Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception. The list goes on. Unlike Zack Snyder, his movies are generally plot and character heavy. While there is certainly action, it isn’t the driving force for any of his movies.

Together, they seem like the perfect pair for a Superman movie. While I don’t hate Superman Returns with the same passion most other people seem to, I didn’t enjoy because, yes, it’s slow and at times simply boring. Was there action? Not really. Will there be action in The Man of Steel? Oh yes. Snyder’s history with making movies with great visual effects and action is a positive one. Will that trend change with Man of Steel? No. Superman will punch things, and it will be awesome.

However, even though a movie where Superman pounds the crap out of Zod would be a lot of fun to watch, it wouldn’t necessarily be a great movie. Enter Christopher Nolan, a genius director, writer, and producer. With his guiding hand, The Man of Steel will craft an excellent story with memorable characters who are developed throughout the movie.

And the story looks awesome. Like Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, I don’t think this movie will be a straight up superhero movie, like, say, the Iron Man movies. No, this is going to be something more than that. Based on the trailers, it looks like it will be a coming of age story, as well as the story of a man searching for his place in the world. Eventually, yes, Clark Kent will become Superman. We know that. But that isn’t what will make this movie so great.

What has me so excited to see this movie is seeing the journey that Clark Kent/Kal-El takes to be become the great icon of hope that most people on the planet recognize. I would say that this movie may be very similar to Batman Begins, but with a different feel. Where Bruce Wayne knew what his purpose was, Clark Kent is very different. He doesn’t know that he wants to be a hero, and watching him come to the realization that he wants to be that hero we all recognize is going to be an interesting journey.

On top of that, this looks like a movie that will be uplifting, a movie about the human spirit at it’s very best. That is what Superman is, isn’t it? Superman, despite being an alien, is the embodiment of everything that is good about humanity. The irony isn’t lost on me, but we need an uplifting movie. The Dark Knight trilogy are among my favorite movies, but it was e optionally draining. I don’t see The Man of Steel doing that, and it will be a great movie for the exact opposite reasons that The Dark Knight was a great movie.

Even the composer, Hans Zimmer (who I love, by the way) has said that the score isn’t like his Dark Knight trilogy scores, in the respect that it’s more uplifting, and brighter. A lot about a movie can be found in it’s score, and if the score has been described as bright and uplifting, the movie will probably be the same way.

Really, it seems like a movie about bringing out the best in ourselves, and the rest of the human race, in addition to Clark Kent’s coming of age story, which Henry Cavill will no doubt to a great job portraying. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I simply cannot wait for this movie to come out.


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