Comic Book Reviews For 4/24


Batman: The Dark Knight #19


Why anyone – including myself – reads this book is a mystery to me. Honestly, I’m probably going to be dropping it after this Mad Hatter story arc comes to a close. Issue 19 was really no big change from what we’ve gotten before in this book, and was the victim of a story that should have been two issues at the most being stretched across many more. The book is unfocused, bouncing between characters in a scattershot manner that makes the issue lose any sense of cohesiveness. This would be Ok to an extent, if the story weren’t so boring.

Rating: 4.5

Batman, Incorporated #10


With Morrison’s series coming to close in only three issues, I was hoping that, in issue 10, he’d pick up the pace a little. Sure, there was a lot to love about this issue. Ra’s Al Ghul’s scene was great, as was seeing Azrael for, if I’m not mistaken, the first time in the New 52. The very last page was also a great moment, but just because a book has a bunch of great moments doesn’t make it a great book. It lacked cohesiveness, and the plot felt a little scattered at times. Knowing Morrison’s writing, it will all pay off in the end, but for now, the pace is slow and the plot scattered. Also, holding out on the Wingman reveal until next issue probably wasn’t the best idea.

Rating: 7.2

The Flash #19



The Flash lost a lot of steam in it’s Grodd arc. Luckily, the new arc is a lot more interesting, and a lot more fun to read. Issue 19 is great, since it showcases who the Barry Allen is, even without his speed powers. It’s awesome to read because of that, and it provides something we haven’t seen yet in the New 52. The battles in the prison were a lot of fun to watch play out, and the big reveal at the end was handled extremely well. I’m not a big fan of the new Reverse Flash at this point, and I think that his motivation is a little odd. Still, the issue was great, even though the Dial H connection confused me. I may have to pick that book up. Not that his issue is confusing, and I actually think it’s better for what happened.
Rating: 8.6

Talon #7


From the start, Talon has been a fast paced, extremely enjoyable ride. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “fun”, but it has it’s moments. With issue #7, Snyder and Tynion deliver one of the best issues yet. The plot is moving in great directions at this point, and the appearance of both Batman and Bane is great. The biggest issue is that parts of the book – especially the Batman scene – don’t get their full due, and the precarious balancing act being played with the plots could cause the book to fall apart. Regardless, Talon #7 was a solid issue, and this is really the best use of Bane in The New 52, so I’m not complaining.

Rating: 8.8


Guardians of the Galaxy #2


Marvel’s cosmic books are shaping up to be some of the bets material the publisher has to offer, especially in the Now! titles. Nova has been a lot of fun, and Guardians of the Galaxy has matched it, and even exceeded it. Bendis does a great job with each of the characters – especially Rocket Raccoon. The invasion of Earth felt a little too sudden, and a little more build up would have been appreciated. Still, the brisk pace of this issue is great, and the getting some of the back story worked awesome as well. The behind the scenes political jockeying was a lot of fun to read, and may have been my favorite part of this issue.

Rating: 8.8

Dark Horse

Star Wars: Legacy Prisoner of the Floating World #2


This new Legacy book is another fun Star Wars title coming out of Dark Horse. So far, the main cast is shaping up to be great characters, and the brisk pace that the book moves at is certainly no problem. With the second issue, the plot is already beginning to really thicken, with Knight going after Ania. It’ll be interesting to see what part she, as a Solo, has to play in this conflict with the Sith. I really have very few problems with this issue, aside from a little exposition towards the beginning. The plot does feel a little rushed, but, at this point, I appreciate that. However, as a major Star Wars fan, I have no clue how there’s any Solo’s left that are related to Han Solo. I mean, Anakin and Jacen Solo were both killed, and Jaina’s children would have taken the name the name “Fel”. A bit odd, to be sure, but the series is still great.

Rating: 8.7

IDW Publishing

Judge Dredd: Year One #2


Being a relatively new Judge Dredd fan, it seemed to make sense to read this book. I’ve read much of the main Dredd canon, and I was looking forward to this book, mostly because I was looking forward to see a different Judge Dredd. One that isn’t so hardened. Alas, what we get with this book is more of the same. The plot is interesting enough, but the character remains the same as always, and that’s where this book’s biggest disappointment stems from. Because, honestly, Dredd couldn’t always have been this hardened Judge who hunts an kills criminals brutally. What this book does is make the character look like a flat, one dimensional character. Not that the series is necessarily completely bad, just disappointing.

Rating: 6.9


East of West #2



East of West remains a good book. But it’s just good. I honestly don’t understand all the hype surrounding it. The story is solid, the art is great, but I don’t feel that it’s actually that great of a book. I enjoy books centering around characters, and this isn’t that book. The characters are interesting, but I don’t feel that they benefit the story. Sure, they have understandable motivations, but they also have next to no development. And then there’s a few characters, like the two that are with Death, that barely do anything. I enjoy the world and the story, but the lack of character work really pulls the book down.
Rating: 7.0

Jupiter’s Legacy #1



Wow. That was an amazing book. Not a surprise, really, but that doesn’t detract from it’s greatness. It isn’t a perfect book, but I can tell that it will soon be one of the best books I read monthly. It seems similar to Kingdom Come in some ways, but the first generation of superheroes are still active. The first issue spends most of it’s time introducing the world and characters, and both are awesome. It’s not really boring exposition either. Each and every one of the characters is interesting because they each have some type of conflict. Seeing how this plays out will be a lot of fun.
Rating: 9.6

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