The Future…

No, this blog isn’t going down. Far from it, actually. I’ve been encouraged by you, my readers, be it regular or just casual. This blog post is entitled “The Future…” because it’s going to be outlining my plans for the future of this blog. But first, I’d appreciate it if you (both my followers and others who just stumble upon it) would comment from time to time. I like getting comments on my blog posts, and I’d appreciate it if people would comment. If you want me to pose questions at the end of posts, well, let me know in the comments!

Anyways, those of you who come to my blog every Wednesday or Thursday know that I’ve started doing a weekly comics review. Will that change? No. Every week of every month, I’ll post first the comics I’m excited for that week, usually on Monday or Tuesday, with the reviews following on either Wednesday or Thrusday. In total, I will review between 32 and 37 books every month, depending on what books I decided to drop and/or pick up. In the event that I miss a week, the books from that week will all be reviewed the next week, or seeded throughout the month. On occasion, it may also be necessary to just do the review at the end of the month, reviewing every book in one extremely long blog post.

In addition to this, I’m going to begin doing a TV show round up every week, with reviews and thoughts on the TV shows I watch. The shows that will be reviewed are Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, and, when I get the chance, Beware the Batman. This will all be done in one weekly round up, unless there is only one of the shows on at a given time. I will also be doing season reviews at the end of each season, and, if a series ends, I’ll do a series review.

Which is the perfect way to jump into this next point. Weekly, I will try to do a retrospective on a Comic book series, book series, Video Game series, Movie series, or TV series. My aim will be for one per week, but it may take two weeks to get through all the material for a given retrospective. This is why TV shows will be done season by season for retrospectives. Retrospectives will each contain plot summaries, my favorite moments and characters, what I thought about the material, and, finally, a review of the series.

Also, I will try to review games, books and movies as soon as I get the chance to play, read, or see them. Even games that are months old will be reviewed if I have only just bought or finished them. For example, I only recently got and finished Far Cry 3, so I will be reviewing that… soon. Books and movies, however, I will try to stick with new ones that I have just seen or read. Unless I have just finished a book or seen a movie that is regarded as a classic, or I really enjoyed, I will only be reviewing relatively new material in these two area. I will also be reviewing graphic novels that I purchase. This will include both original graphic novels and collected editions of ongoing comic series that I enjoy.

If I get the chance, I will also be reviewing Lego sets. Sadly, I don’t purchase them that often anymore, but when I purchase or get the, for gifts, I’ll make an attempt to get a review up for them.

Finally, I will also be posting whenever something interesting comes to mind that I think warrants a blog post. I’m not just going to stick to this schedule, which begins this week, but will post whenever I feel like it. There’s a lot that deserves a blog post, and I’ll be posting about any of those things.


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  1. Sergio Snabian says:

    Keep working hard!

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