Five Marvel Characters I’d Like To See in Phase 3

We all know what characters are going to get Phase 2 over at Marvel. What I found sad is that only two of these movies are not sequels. Am I excited for these sequels? Of Course. I can’t wait for Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, or Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Regardless, it’s sad that the only new characters we’re going to see are Ant Man and the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As awesome as they are, there are a lot of characters that Marvel has at their disposal, even excluding the ones that are at Fox and Sony.

5. Hawkeye


Sure, he made appearances in both Thor and the Avengers. So technically, yes, he is already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his recent comic series, I’ve come to love the character. Not that the movie would have to be based off of the comic series, in fact, I would prefer something else in a movie setting. More superheroics on his part would be nice. There’s a great scene in the first issue of Age of Utlron, when Hawkeye is rescuing Peter Parker. In those initial pages, he just takes out anyone who gets in his way, and is, all around, a total badass. Do I want a movie like that, combined with a little of the comic book’s comedic flair? Of course I do. Who wouldn’t?

4. Nova


I don’t even care which Nova. I just want to see Nova get his own movie. Guardians of the Galaxy would make sense – but he’s not showing up there. So why not give him his own movie, perhaps in the vein of the ongoing Nova book starring Sam Alexander. Sure, it doesn’t have to be Sam Alexander, in fact, if it’ll keep the fanboys happy, I’m fine with it being the original Nova. But I’d like to see a younger hero take center stage in one of the Marvel movies. Sure, there have been a lot of origin stories, but origin stories aren’t the same as origin stories of character like Sam Alexander and Peter Parker. And since Peter Parker probably won’t return to Marvel anytime soon, a young Nova would be an excellent alternative.

3. Black Widow


Black Widow is another character that has already appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and will show up once again in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. But, like Hawkeye, she hasn’t had a stand alone film as of yet. I’m not quite sure as to why, seeing as Scarlett Johanesson’s Black Widow has been a great character. As an agent of SHIELD, she’s a great character. But her origin would be a lot more interesting to watch, especially since it’s been hinted at, but has never really been delved into. This is one of those that I think is pretty likely to get it’s own movie, based on how much her origin has been talked about and teased.

2. The Punisher

the punisher

After the wrecks that were the past Punisher movies, Frank Castle deserves a good movie. Unlike the characters in the Avengers, The Punisher is a dark, gritty character. So far, the Marvel cinematic universe doesn’t really have that. The lighter toned, fun movies are great, to be sure, but a little variety is needed. The Punisher is perfect for that role, as he’s a street level hero. Actually, he’s not really a conventional “hero”. He’s never been an Avengers member, he’s always been more of a solo act. In addition, he’s brutal. He kills people in the name of justice, which most Marvel heroes don’t do. Because of that, he is shunned by the rest of the hero community, which could be an interesting dynamic in a movie based on them. His back story would be great to see in a movie, since it’s very much a revenge story, and seeing that unfold on the big screen would be awesome.

1. Daredevil 

daredevil 23

It just came out recently that the movie rights for this character have been returned to Marvel, and that has me extremely excited. Personally, I wish it had come sooner, so that Daredevil, one of my favorite Marvel characters, could get a Phase 2 movie. However, with the rights recently returned, a Phase 3 movie is likely, and I’m excited. I love the character, and what he stands for. Mark Waid’s current run on Daredevil is really what got me into the character, and I can see a movie based around Daredevil being similar to this. But, honestly, I would be excited for any Daredevil movie, and I have no doubt that Phase three will see a Daredevil movie.

And then, there can be a Daredevil/Punisher team up movie. Seriously. It makes sense, I mean, the two work together often enough for a team up movie between the two to be feasible. In many ways, both characters are better when they’re with each other. the dynamic that the two have is really great, with the two being basically the opposites of each other. While Punisher is a brutal killer, Daredevil is the clear cut hero. However, they both work close to the streets, and aren’t always involved in the big cosmic stuff. Plus, they both work in Hell’s Kitchen against the Kingpin, so it’d be great to see them get solo movies building up to a team up movie where they take him down. Just thinking about it makes me excited.


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