The Five Comics I’m Excited For This Week

Aquaman comes back, Superman brawls with Swamp Thing, and an awesome guest artist comes aboard in Hawkeye. These are the books I’m excited for this week.

5. Green Arrow #20

Green Arrow 20

So far, I’ve loved Jeff Lemire’s run off Green Arrow. The last issue lost it’s footing a little towards the beginning, but, with issue #20, I’m hoping that the plot continues to push forwards, rather than stalling on a drawn out, seemingly endless brawl between Green Arrow and Komodo. Not that that isn’t cool, because it’s pretty awesome. Still, endless brawling doesn’t exactly make for stellar issues of a comic. I’m hoping that Lemire is able to change that in the next issue of that series, and, with his talent as a writer, I doubt that that will be an issue. In short: More plot, less (admittedly awesome) brawl.

4. Age of Ultron #7

age of ultron #7

This event is really beginning to reach a high point, especially with the end of the last issue. The groups in both the past and the future are moving the plot forwards, despite the future seeming kind of inconsequential. Last issue ended with Wolverine killing Hank Pym while Sue looked on. I’m a huge fan of time travel stories and the complexities that they always end up creating, so it will be interesting to see how this event impacts what’s going on in the future, and how it effects the team there. We really didn’t see that last issue, so if we see it this issue, I really won’t be surprised to see the effects of Wolverine’s actions.

3. Hawkeye #10

Hawleye #10

Marvel’s double shipping is erratic at best, and, at times, makes no sense. Am I complaining that I get two issues of Hawkeye this month? No, not at all. Especially since this issue sees Francesco Francavilla take over the art, at least for this issue. Is that awesome? Of course it’s awesome. This book always looks great, but this is sure to make the book even better. On top of that, this issue no doubt picks up where last month’s grim, depressing cliffhanger left us. I can’t wait for the reveal on who this new villain is, but I can see Matt Franction dragging it out past next issue to build suspense. As always, I’m expecting a good balance of the new issue’s grim tone as well as some more fun, comedic parts.

2. Harbinger Wars #2

Harbinger Wars #2

Valiant, really, knows how to do events far better than other publishers. Not that Harbinger Wars is the best event ever, it’s just that ever since Valiant’s reboot, they’ve had both Bloodshot and Harbinger coming to this point. The two seemed to be on a consistent crash course with each other, and that’s how an event should be done. And not only have they properly set up this event, but they’ve done the crossovers right, meaning that events of both Bloodshot and Harbinger also happen in Harbinger Wars. Sure, reading all three series helps, but it’s not required. On top of that, all three books have a cast of great characters and a pot that is consistently stellar.

1. Swamp Thing #20

Swamp Thing 2-

Swamp Thing brawling with Superman? Need I say more? This issue looks really, really great. I loved Snyder’s run, and the epic Rotworld event that he helped create, but the changes that Charles Soule brings to the book are really awesome. Last issue had a lighter tone than any of Snyder’s stuff, and was a welcome change from the super grim, depressing DC comics that I’ve come to be used to. If anything, that should continue, because DC really needs at least one book with some humor. Like most Marvel books, Soule seems to be striking an excellent balance so far, and, on top of Supermand and Swamp Thing going at each other, we have that to look forward to.

Well, those are the five. Including to these five, I will be reviewing a total of 11 books this week. they are as follows:

Action Comics #20

Age of Ultron #7

Animal Man #20


Earth 2 #12

Green Arrow #20

Harbinger Wars #2

Hawkeye #10

Movement #1

Star Wars: Dark Times Fire Carrier #4

Swamp Thing #20


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One Response to The Five Comics I’m Excited For This Week

  1. wwayne says:

    Look at Green Arrow # 19, page 3: Oliver admits he probably couldn’t have made the impossible shot that Komodo threw at him. A normal superhero would never say he/she is inferior in comparison to his/her villain: Oliver, on the contrary, admits it, because Lemire loves to deconstruct the superhero mythology.
    Second deconstructing detail: at the end of the issue, Fyff asks Oliver what happened, and he replies “Got beat up by a little girl.” A superhero is supposed to be invincible and to defeat even the most powerful villains, so Oliver admitting that a child defeated him is something delightfully nonconformist and unusual.
    Third deconstructing detail: A superhero never escapes flat out, and never gives up. Oliver, on the contrary, decided to wave goodbye to Komodo when he realized he had been encircled. And he ended up in a dump! Can you imagine any other superhero in a situation like that? AWESOME!!!
    Lemire’s deconstructing the superhero mythology in a more evident way in Animal Man. For example:
    1) Superheroes tend to monopolize the attention of the reader, while Animal Man is constantly upstaged by the supporting characters of the series.
    2) Superhero comics usually don’t give much importance to the private life of their main character (they tend to focus only on the “costume on” part); in Animal Man, on the contrary, the private life of Buddy is the main theme of the series. In fact, it is rather infrequent to see Buddy with his costume on.
    3) Buddy is not perfect, and is not perceived as perfect by other people: in fact, in the 11th issue, when he tells his wife “It’s going to be okay”, she replies “Don’t give me anything of that superhero crap, Buddy.” That cut and thrust perfectly enlightens the philosophy of the series.

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