EA and Star Wars

Like most gamers, I’m not a big fan of EA. I don’t like Day One DLC, I don’t like them forcing games out before they’re ready, and I don’t like their copyright practices. Regardless, I love Star Wars, and I love Star Wars video games. And, honestly, I love the work of a lot of game developers under EA. I like Bioware. I like Visceral. Though I’m not a big fan of Battlefield  I feel that DICE is an alright studio. So I have really mixed feelings about EA making Star Wars games. 

It’s something that has a lot of pros, but numerous cons as well. In fact, I would liken it to Disney acquiring Star Wars. On one hand, some of the company’s work and business practices annoy me, but, on the other hand, I want more Star Wars. Sure, I would have preferred it be handed over to, say, Ubisoft or 2K, but when it comes to Star Wars games, I’ll take what I can get, the same way I’ll go see new Star Wars movies the day they come out. 

In many ways, it’s important to make the distinction between publishers and developers. EA, as the publisher, doesn’t have much of a hand in actually making the games. Sure, they can set a schedule and tell developers to make games, but they aren’t developers. I’d like to say that I don’t support EA, but as I look at my games collection on the shelf across the room from me, I can make out the EA logo on a few of the games. Crysis and Mass Effect are just two examples. And both of those are pretty great series. 

So at this point, there’s no point in me saying I’m not going to buy any new Star Wars games because they’re published by EA. I mean, I was so desperate for Star Wars games that I bought the limited edition of The Force Unleashed II. Obviously I’m buying any new Star Wars games that come out. 

And there’s a lot of good that could come from this. I mean, just think of the already existing franchises that could be revived. We could be looking at Battlefront III, Knights of the Old Republic III, and, hopefully, Republic Commando II.Sure, new Star Wars IP’s would be exciting, but the prospect of revitalizing some of these franchises is even more exciting in some ways.

I mean, Obsidian made the original Knights of the Old Republic game. And now, they’ve got a lot of pull in the gaming industry, after the excellent Mass Effect trilogy. Could you imagine a Mass Effect style RPG but applied to Star Wars? I mean, my biggest issue with the first game was the combat system, and Mass Effect’s combat system is awesome. Obviously, KotOR 3 is the big game that comes to mind when thinking of what Bioware could do, but what if they moved beyond that? There is so much Star Wars content out there that they could mine to create killer RPG’s. I mean, look at all the hype 1313 generated. People want these games. And, on the note of 1313, Bioware could breathe new life into the project. The game looked awesome, but with Bioware wrapping up the project? I could see that easily entering my top five games of all time.

Then there’s the two big Star Wars shooter franchises, Battlefront and Republic Commando. Of the two, I prefer Republic Commando, simply because of it’s superior narrative. I think that DICE definitely could do a good job with the gameplay mechanics and graphics, as long as it doesn’t play too similar to a hyper realistic military FPS. The problem is, I don’t know if they’re the best studio for it, because their games have horrible stories and characters. You know who would do a killer Republic Commando game? Crytek. They have a history of making great sci-fi FPS’s, that have the whole package of story, characters, gameplay, and graphics that are all great. I mean, they could just apply the nanosuit gameplay mechanics to a Star Wars setting, which would make for an excellent game.

But what DICE could do really well – provided they don’t use your run of the mill military FPS style gameplay – is a Battlefront game. I mean, it’s very similar to their other major franchise, Battlefield, except a lot better. Also, the story issue would be non existent, because Battlefront is a multiplayer game first, and not really a single player experience at all. DICE excels at MP games, and they would do a great job with Battlefront, simply because they’ve proven that their MP is awesome.

Now, some new IP’s I’d be interested in seeing.

First off, I want a new RTS. There is so much that could be mined from the Star Wars Universe that could be used for great RTS’. As much as I loved EAW, I want a real, hardcore strategy game from EA. I mean, look at the Yuuzhan Vong war. There are so many factions, and such great stories to tell in that period. It could make for such an awesome, varied RTS, and I’m sure that one of EA’s studios could pull it off.

Second, I want a good Star Wars game for Kinect. I want one for hard core gamers, that uses the motion controls to make you actually feel like a Jedi. That is something that I really want. I don’t know who would develop it, but there’s a lot of potential for an awesome Star Wars game that uses motion controls.I don’t know what studio under EA would do it, but I would like to see it happen.

Finally, I want a Jedi game. Not an RPG. Just a straight up Jedi game, where you can access numerous Force powers and hack people to death with a lightsaber. I’m being completely serious. And none of this third person business. First person lightsaber battles seem awesome. Make it happen EA.

Oh, and more Lego games. 

Is there anything that you would like to see EA do? If there is, let me know in the comments! Also, let me know what you think of my ideas!


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Fan fiction writer, Youtube video maker. Hardcore Star Wars fan. Progressive Liberal.
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4 Responses to EA and Star Wars

  1. Sergio Snabian says:

    No day one DLC. Please

    I would like to see a stealth based game where you play as a bounty hunter.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      Stealth based Star Wars games would be interesting, but I’m not necessarily sure a Bounty Hunter game would be the best avenue for a stealth game.

      • Sergio Snabian says:

        Maybe an RPG like Mass Effect or the bounty hunter missions from Far Cry would be better suited.

      • jeanluc1997 says:

        I think that a Bounty Hunter game should be done in a very similar manner to Far Cry 3, because it allows different play styles for different people, which is perfect to capture the feel of being a bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe.

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