Age of Ultron #8 Review

I’m not going to say that I didn’t like Age of Ultron #8, because that would be a lie. In fact, I’ve really been enjoying this event, especially since Wolverine and Sue Storm caused the occurrence of an alternate timeline by killing Hank Pym before he could create Ultron. Sadly, in this issue, pretty much all that we get is exposition as to what exactly happened in this new timeline. True, it’s nice to see this “What if?’ story unfold a little more, but it’s starting to become far too departed from what we’ve seen before.


Sadly, that is what prevented me from really loving this issue. I was hoping to at least see what happened to the rest of the survivors that went into the future, even if it was only a cliffhanger at the end of them suspended in some sort of time bubble. Instead, the issue ends with a cliffhanger that I don’t really care about. Morgana Le Faye destroys some of Tony Stark’s helicarriers, and that does a lot of damage to this new timeline. It’s just so hard to care about this anymore, since I doubt that this timeline will stick, since this event is so far removed from every other ongoing book.

Not that that is necessarily a bad thing – in fact, I rather like that aspect. This event is just starting to become way to drawn out for me, and with every issue, I seem to care less, especially when we get an issue that consists of a whole lot of exposition and an overly paranoid Tony Stark. 

Rating: 7.0


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