Bloodshot #11 Review

Now, it seems that this wee’ks comics are only getting better, and Bloodshot #11 is the shining example of how to do an event tie in. Those of who read Valiant’s comics will remember that, back in issue #2 of Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot goes berserk on Toyo Harada because of the Harada protocol implanted within him by PRS. While now, we get to see that whole thing again, but from Bloodshot’s point of view, and I have to say, it’s a lot cooler than it was in Harbinger Wars #2. We get to see Bloodshot battling PRS programming, while at the same time fighting one of the most powerful psionics in the world.

Bottom line is, it’s great. Throughout the course of this series, we’ve seen Bloodshot struggle towards gaining humanity, and now, just when he though that PRS’ programming could no longer harm him, he’s completely taken over by it once again, and forced to fight Harada. And the fight provides a healthy dose of action to the book, though what would a Bloodshot comic be without some excellently well done action sequences? The supporting cast of this book – the kids that Bloodshot rescued from PRS’ headquarters and Kara Murphy – sadly don’t get a lot of time in this book. Kara has a few great moments, in which we see her leadership skills really come out, before realizing she’s way out of her league with all of the Psiots. The kids actually ended up saving Bloodshot, which was cool, but they still remain horribly underdeveloped.

Other than that one flaw, I can’t really think of anything else wrong with this book. At times, the art seems a little plain, and lacks detail, but the art style meshes with the comic, and when it’s good, it’s really good.

Rating: 8.9


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