Nightwing #20 Review

Oddly enough, the quality returns to this week’s books with Nightwing #20. For a long time, this was a pretty bad book, at least in my opinion. Now, with the introduction of the Prankster and Dick Grayson’s move to Chicago, the book has improved immensely. The Prankster is by far the most dynamic villain ever to appear in this book, and Nightwing is also a far more interesting character as well. A lightened tone and some inner monologue that actually fits the character of Dick Grayson really does wonders for the character.

Also, this issue introduces what could turn out to be an interesting group dynamic between Dick and his two room mates, one whom he first meets when he wakes her up as he enters the apartment. In many ways, this burgeoning group dynamic reminds of me of Arrow’s Oliver/Diggle/Felicity dynamic. Will they eventually all work together as a sort of team? I could see that happening, as each of the three could fill a role that would make Nightwing’s life far more interesting. There is, also, the case of Johnny Spades, who is a really fun character. The way in which he comes across information is actually pretty funny, to be quite honest. I’m enjoying the plot as well, though in this issue it really takes a back seat to character building, which I actually prefer.

However, I felt that the Tony Zucco bit was shoehorned in simply for the sake of it being there. While I have no doubt that it will play a more significant role later, it’s starting to feel like it’s being thrown into the mix just for the sake of it being there. Unless there are any major developments on that front soon, it may really begin to irk me.

Rating: 8.7 


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One Response to Nightwing #20 Review

  1. brucekenobi says:

    Nightwing was my favorite ongoing series up until the last two issues. They sucked. (joking for those who don’t know me)

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