Nova #4 Review

Ok, so that issue was actually pretty hard to read at first. It started off alright, with a pretty great action scene, with Sam battling the Chitauri. There were some slightly funny one liners, and McGuiness did a great job drawing the battle, but the second that Titus entered the fray, I sort of lost interest. So we now know what happened to Sam’s dad, and we now also know the “truth” about Sam’s dad. 

But that “truth” seems to mean almost nothing to the story. In fact, it seems like an extremely formulaic twist that we all should have seen coming since the start. Also, we don’t even know if it is the truth, so there’s that. But what really worried me is that Sam had pretty much no reaction whatsoever to the fact that his dad may have been a dishonest traitor. There was maybe one line, in which he denied it, and we didn’t get to see any inner monologue at all, so right now, it looks like Sam has pretty much completely forgotten about what Titus told him.

Not to say that this issue was completely bad, because it was pretty decent. I mean, Sam is still a fun character, and the book still has a great tone to it. Even Titus, despite being terribly under developed, is fairly interesting. It just doesn’t seem like it’s gelling, and that’s an issue for me. Sure, it’s only the first arc, so there’s plenty of time for it to get better, but this issue, especially in comparison to issue #3, fell flat. 

Rating: 6.7


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