Red Hood and the Outlaws #20 Review

So it seems that I read the books in the wrong order this week. I read Batgirl first, and that was awesome, but it seems as if the quality has deteriorated since then. The trend continues with Red Hood and the Outlaws #20. I enjoyed the last issue, as it gave me some hope for the future of this series. But this All-Caste story has gone on for far too long now, and none of it has been good at all.

In fact, right before he left, Scott Lobdell was doing a better job than James Tynion is now. Crazy, right? But Tynion has picked up this already horrible All-Caste story, and, in his attempts to make it bearable, has actually made it worse. This story has gone on pretty much since the beginning of this book, and has been on and off since then. Sometime, we’ll get an issue about it and sometimes we won’t. I’m glad that it’s finally being wrapped up, but it’s just so out there at this point, and it’s been such a fragmented story from the start that I doubt it will be any good at all.

We go down a trip through memory lane in this issue, reliving nearly all of Jason’s life. Essentially, we’ve seen all of this before, except for one scene, so it feels extremely wasted. That one scene is of Jason meeting Roy before he died, and it’s intriguing enough, but from there, we get a look into both Starfire’s and Roy’s mind, and it’s all just a scattershot of Tynion hoping to at least get something right. Actually, the best part of this issue is the Green Arrow bit, and that;s only because, well, Green Arrow’s awesome.

Rating: 5.4


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