Wonder Woman #20 Review

So it’s already well established that Wonder Woman is one of the best comics you can find right now. It’s on the same level as books like Batman, Saga, and Hawkeye, though, in many ways, it’s also very different from any other comic on the market. The whole Greek mythology thing is really great – especially in this issue, in which we get to see the behind the scenes, political dealings going on between the remaining Olympians.

Sadly, Hades is absent from this particular meeting, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I must say that, had the book only had these scenes with the Olympians, it would have been a pretty slow issue. However, the political bickering is intertwined with Wonder Woman and Artemis just beating each other down. The fight is so brutal, and so awesome to look at, that, on it’s own, it makes he issue worth reading. And the whole time, Artemis is just treating it like a game, even when Wonder Woman throws her into a statue. Then, at the end, there’d this great, yet brief speech, she gives about power, and it’s awesome to read. All the while, as could be imagined, Lennox, Zola, and Hera are running from Artemis, as she’s there to kill Zola’s child, Zeke. Although, but the end, you get the feeling that it may have been better for them to stick around.

Why? Well, mainly because the first son shows up, and him and the child of Zeus that he’s with, in the last w panels, basically say that they’re there to kill Zeke, before Lennox steps up, and says that he wants to hit something, which is a really great moment. I’m glad that he’s made the decision to stick around, especially since Orion was nowhere to be seen this issue. I doubt that that will last, but, right now, it’s the biggest flaw I could find with the issue. The rest is simply nitpicking, and writing all of that out would just undercut how amazing this series, and this issue, really is.

Rating: 9.5


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