Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition Review

So, it being my birthday yesterday and all, I got some pretty great stuff over the weekend. Namely, the collector’s edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us. For the most part, I’ll be reviewing the game, but I’ll also do a brief review of all the extra goodies you get with the really awesome Collector’s Edition, which is actually my first (of many, hopefully) Collector’s Editions.

So, the game. I’m usually not a fan of fighting games. I’ve played the Mortal Kombat reboot, and I enjoyed that, and I’ve also played DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat, which I also enjoyed. What I feel Injustice does is take the two, mash them together, and gives us the result. And that result? A love letter to fans that is also a really, really great game, that’s awesome in nearly every aspect that a game can be awesome.

I’m a big single player gamer, so, of course, my biggest worry was the story mode. Actually, I wasn’t able to dive right in to the story like I would normally do with any other game, since I had a bunch of friends over and felt I had to include them in whatever I was doing. IT sucks having friends, right? Anyways, I was able to get into the single player after quite a few rounds, and this was beneficial.

I think that, had I just jumped into the game, I would have failed. I was able to skip the tutorial at the beginning, because I knew how to play. Once you get a feel for the game, you’ll be able to jump right in. The opening cutscene really does a great job of pulling you into the world, and really getting you engrossed in the story. And the opening fight? Batman vs. Deathstroke? I’m not sure that there is a better way to open a game than that fight.

Anyways, from there, you get sucked into an alternate Earth, along with a few other Justice Leaguers, and the Joker. You’re pulled into a universe that is completely different from the one we know, and the one that you spend most of the game in is whacked out crazy. You’ve got Superman keeping a bunch of heroes and villains under his thumb while controlling a totalitarian regime, because the Joker tricked him into killing Lois and essentially destroying Metropolis. And then you’ve got the resistance, consisting of Batman and a couple villains, like Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Comic Review

Now that I’ve discussed the story, I’m going to quickly review the first issue of the Injustice comic, which comes with the Collector’s Edition. Having already read the digital versions, I knew what to expect, but it was still awesome. It actually provides a lot more back story than the game itself, and I feel that reading this issue does a lot for the game’s story. The writing is done extremely well, and the art is great. It’s got a really dark mood that’s emphasized by the art, but overall, it’s a really great comic.

Rating: 8.7

Back to the game now…

Ok, moving on a little with the story mode. It’s done in a way where each level consists of you playing as a different character, over a series of fights, each one followed by a cutscene. The cutscenes are great, but the graphics actually look better in game, which I find odd. The structuring of the story is great, and it moves along at a brisk pace and keeps you fully engaged in the world and the characters throughout the story, which is great. The story is dark, yes, but you’ll have a lot of fun playing through it, from Arkham Asylum to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

The only two flaws with the single player are it’s length and a few odd quick time events/minigames. If you’re like me, and can’t put the controller down, you’re looking at around 5-6 hours of story, depending on how many times you lose the harder battles. And the quick time events add to the game’s length, but really take you out of the experience, and are just kind of odd. The Green Arrow one, which essentially transforms the game into a rails shooter, is cool, but I feel that they shouldn’t be a part of the story.

Regardless, you’ll have fun playing it, but, for big DC fans like me, you’ll also have a lot of fun spotting all the little Easter Eggs in the back ground, which is a lot of fun. It’s really cool to see something, especially the less obvious things, and it’s awesome to see them in the game. Even non playable characters, like Martian Manhunter and Deadshot, can be seen in the background.

As much as we could lament over the missing characters (and there are a few odd ones; namely Martian Manhunter and Darkseid), there is a great variety of character in the game. There’s a wide variety of heroes and villains, each with their own move and power set. There’s a bunch of different characters you can try out, and each plays differently, so that offers variety to the game. Sure, some, like Killer Frost, are odd choices, but then you’ve got all kinds of awesome characters to play as. Plus, DLC has already been announced, and more will almost certainly be on it’s way.

Even after the story’s over, there’s a lot to do. The multiplayer, with a few friends, is great, especially if you set up a tournament. I’ve only played two online games, but both were awesome. There’s also more single player content, which I haven’t cracked open yet. STAR Labs missions look like a lot of fun, and the Battle towers look great as well, especially since, from what I’ve heard, they’ve got some extra story elements.

Rating: 9.4

New 52 Skins

Unlike a lot of people, I really love the New 52 costumes. They look less campy, and have been modified to look better overall. So having them as extra skins for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman is pretty awesome. They don’t add anything except for a visual aesthetic, just like other skins. That said, they’re still cool to look at, and it’s nice to have them.

Rating: 9.0

Justice League: Doom

So I’ve already seen this movie, but it’s cool to have it. It has some elements of Injustice in it, so I see the logic in including it. It’s a great movie adaptation of Tower of Babel  even though it’s shortened and modified quite a bit. It’s very entertaining, and the story and characters are very engaging. That said, it will be hard for people who aren’t already fans to enjoy it, but I get the feeling that that’s a non issue.

Rating; 8.8


Man, this is really the crowning jewel of the collector’s edition. The statuette is the first thing I took out of the box, and I just marveled at it’s beauty. Some construction is required, but it’s nothing too tedious, and once that’s done, you can just look at the thing. It’s so detailed, and so vibrant. Wonder Woman and Batman both look great, and their costumes and facial features are just done so well. The texture of the statuette is amazing, and everything is just so cool, from the Last Son of Krypton ship to Wonder Woman and Batman battling.

Rating: 10.0

Overall, the Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition is stellar. The game itself offers great single player and multiplayer modes, and, on it’s own, is an excellent game. The bonus content is also pretty great. The comic is a great read, the skins offer great aesthetic value, and Justice League: Doom is a great movie. And the statuette really seals the deal.

Overall Rating: 9.1


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  1. brucekenobi says:

    “Wonder Woman and Batman both look great, and their costumes and facial features aren’t done so well.” They aren’t? Then why give them a 10?

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