The Comics I’m Excited For This Week

Batman Incorporated #11

After issue #10, I think that a brief respite from Grant Morrison and Batman’s story is what we need. It’s starting to feel dragged out, but an issue featuring the Japanese Batman will probably take us out of the main Leviathan story, at least for a single issue. Sure, it could be filler, and it probably is. But at least it’s not just another issue dragging out Batman’s quest for vengeance. I’m sure that this will be an entertaining issue of Morrison’s Batman saga, if nothing else. Also, very few of the international Batmen iterations, aside from Knight and Squire, have really gotten their time in the limelight.

Green Lantern #20

After nine years of great comics, which I sadly haven’t been able to read all of, Geoff Johns’ epic Green Lantern run comes to an end with issue #20, a double sized conclusion to the Wrath of the First Lantern arc, and probably to Johns’ run as whole. It’s hard not to be excited, especially since this run on the book has really defined who Hal Jordan is as a character, from bringing him back in Rebirth to wherever he ends up at the end of this climactic final issue. This run has been is how we’ll always know this character, and so, as sad as it is to see Johns leave the book, I doubt I’ll be very sad while reading this issue. It is DC though, so the ending will probably be fairing depressing.

Star Wars: Legacy #3

Dark Horse has really been killing it with the majority of their Star Wars books lately, the only exception being the new Darth Vader mini series. But this new Legacy title is no exception to the great Star Wars books coming out every month. What makes this story so different is that it has a female lead and that female lead is not a Force sensitive character. Obviously, there have been a lot of great female characters in the Star Wars Universe, though I feel like Ania Solo is one of the best characters I’ve ever seen come out of an EU tale. This Star Wars book also has a freedom to do what it likes that is unmatched. We’re at the furthest end of the Star Wars Universe ever explored, so technically, the authors can do what they want.

Justice League #20

Why does Despero have that Kryptonite? That’s just one of the unanswered questions racing through my head right now. After last month’s stellar issue, I doubt that this will be a disappointment. The dynamic between the Trinity right now is so great to read, and I hope that that continues in this issue, though seeing more Leaguers would be nice as well, especially since it seems like Flash has been sidelined. I’m also hoping that after the Wrath of the First Lantern wraps up, Hal will come back to the League. But none of that really compares to Firestorm and The Atom. The growing dynamic between those two awesome characters is actually a lot of fun, so I’ super excited to read more of that.

Daredevil #26

How could it not be on here? Right now, Waid and Samnee’s Daredevil may be my favorite book coming out of Marvel. It was amazing before issue #23, which kicked off the new story arc, but now, none of that can even begin to compare to what Waid’s got going with this story. The last issue ended with Daredevil being completely beaten down by this new opponent, and now, we get to see what that did to the character. Daredevil isn’t a character who gets scared, or anxious. I mean, he’s the man without fear. But now, we get to see the man without fear being fearful, and how the character is developed as a result of the recent events. Like many of Marvel’s books, it manages to be dark but still maintain this light tone. The balance that Waid strikes is just so great to read.


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