Aquaman #20 Review

This week, John Ostrander did a pretty good job writing this comic, because, well, that’s what he does, and that’s what he’s good at. So, if asked the question “Is this issue good?” I would respond with “Yes, it’s good, it’s just not necessarily for me.” Ever since the Throne of Atlantis event, Geoff Johns has been knocking it out of the park month after month with this book. After Throne of Atlantis, he took it on a very political route, looking into the politics of Atlantis, and Arthur Curry’s time as king. The backstabbing and plotting is great, and it’s really made me love this comic even more than before.

That being said, I realize that it’s not for everyone. Even I may be able to concede that the pace needs to be picked up a little, but I like the slow burning set up. Actually, it reminds me a lot of George RR Martin. Anyways, back to John Ostrander and Aquaman #20. What he does with this issue is morph it from a political thriller to a fun, one shot story about Aquaman’s other team, The Others. Personally, I felt that The Others stuff was the weakest part of Aquaman up to this point, so in no way was I excited to see them return. However, this was a fun, one shot comic. Sure, it lacks the stellar narrative I’ve come to enjoy, but it picks up the pace, adds a few interesting new characters to the mix, and, on the whole, is a nice little story.

Sadly, it’s bogged down at times by exposition. Probably more exposition than the political stuff has had, which is a surprise. It comes at an odd place as well, sort of right before the conflict begins. However, it spends too much time on the set up for the conflict, so, despite the action being pretty good, it feels rushed. Would this have been better as a two part story? In my opinion, probably. Would I have wanted a two part story? No, not really. And it’s because of that that I have mixed feelings about this issue. It was good, but not great, and really not what I’ve come to expect from Aquaman. Geoff Johns deserves a break, what with his four series and all, but I’m really glad that he’s coming back to Aquaman.

Rating: 7.2


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