Batman Incorporated #11 Review

In many ways, I feel the same way about Batman Incorporated #11 that I feel about Aquaman #20. Was it good? Yes. Was it great? No, not really. I feel that Chris Burnham, while a good writer, got bogged down in trying to replicate Grant Morrison’s style with all the techno-babble. Morrison has this way of making it all work and fit into the story, and, even though you have no clue what it all means, it comes together very nicely. Not to say that this doesn’t, and, in many ways, I think that this is exactly what Batman Incorporated needed. It’s certainly far better than simply dragging Batman’s story out for another three issues.

Regardless, it’s filler. I was excited for this book because I thought that it would be able to pick up the pace a little, while not feeling too much like filler. Sure, the plot still involves Leviathan, but it’s an irrelevant, stripped down Leviathan that doesn’t feel like a huge threat. At the beginning, the five new villains were kind of fun. They were sadistic, violent characters, but they brought a light tone with them, which mostly came from how they talked, using a lot of internet slang. But are they memorable characters? No, not at all, and I doubt they’ll ever show up again. However, the two leads in this book, the Japanese Batman and Canary, are awesome characters, and they have a great dynamic. I wish we could have seen them fleshed out a little more though, and I really want to see more of them before Morrison wraps this book up.

To sum it all up: This issue was filler, plain and simple. Chris Burnham did a good job on the story telling, though it doesn’t feel like anything that will leave a lasting impact. The two lead characters are memorable, but the rest of the story and characters feel irrelevant to anything going on in the DC Universe. I guess that it’s good to see something different, but it just feels like a really unneeded issue.

Rating: 7.2


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