Batman: the Dark Knight #20 Review

Why do I even bother with this comic? Seriously, it has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. the art is ugly, the storytelling is horrible, and the characters are all underdeveloped. There is absolutely nothing to like about this book. I guess I’m just sticking around to see if it ever becomes any good, but at this point, the future is very grim for this book. Hey, just like the art! I usually don’t mention art, but man, this book looks terrible. Even the cover is ugly in this issue. I get what they’re going for, but making everything so dark is just ridiculous, and it looks like the just rubbed a piece of coal over each of the pages, or smudged a pencil all over it.

In many ways, the story telling is as horrendous as the artwork is. It jumps around from plot point to plot point, never sticking around long enough on one for it to make a lasting impact. So one panel, we’re seeing Batman out in Gotham, and the next, he’s sudden;y back at the manor looking at a very poorly drawn Robin costume. It’s lazy story telling, and there’s no transitions at all. The book could have at least been redeemed by making the Mad Hatter an intriguing villain, but even the shock factor of all those dead people wasn’t present at all. He’s a very one dimensional villain, and everything he does is so predictable. And the same goes for the rest of the characters. Even when Natalya dies at the end (I would have given a spoiler warning, but I doubt anyone really cares all that much), I found it hard to care. 

Why? Because she’s just so under developed. Even Batman is underdeveloped, so it’s hard to care about him and his reaction to her death, as well as his unconvincing lamenting over Damian’s death. Why I’m putting effort into writing a review for something that the creators put no effort into, I’m not sure. 

Rating: 0.5



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2 Responses to Batman: the Dark Knight #20 Review

  1. brucekenobi says:

    Holy crap. 0.5? I didn’t read it yet but is that possible?

  2. Sergio Snabian says:


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