Daredevil #26 Review

Another month, another great issue of Daredevil. And there I was, all downtrodden by The Dark Knight #20. And then, I opened Daredevil #26, and it blew my mind. The story telling, the art work, the characters. It’s all just so great. Samnee kills it again with the art this month. The book looks vibrant, and he does a great job with drawing in a cartoony style. That style contributes very well to the light tone that Waid has had throughout this run. And, even as we see Matt Murdoch’s life crumble around him, there’s a very uplifting backstory once you get through the heavy stuff.

Not to say that everything leading to the backup isn’t amazing. We get to see Matt Murdoch falling apart. Normally, he’s got everything under control, and he’s a very confident character. But after being destroyed on the street’s of Hell’s Kitchen in a fight with someone who is his equal, he can’t look at anything without fearing what may be around the corner. From the “interview” at the beginning to the “nurse” at Foggy’s hospital, this is a Daredevil we rarely see. However, he gets it all back by the end, and is going strong again, and at the end, finds the lair of his enemy. And, just as I thought the book was over, I flipped to the next page and there was the backup. It’s an uplifting tale about a bunch of children with cancer writing a comic book for Iron Man while being supervised by Foggy. And man, is it touching.

So Daredevil #26? Pretty great. And I’m really pumped for next issue, as Mark Waid left us with a cliffhanger of sorts. I really wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Daredevil caught up in another fight for his life next issue, but after how that played out in #25, I can’t wait to see how it plays out in #27.

Rating: 9.7


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