Green Lantern #20 Review, and a Farewell to Geoff Johns

Nine years. Wow. Sadly, I can’t count myself among the many who have been a part of Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run from the start of it. But what I have done is read almost every issue of the book that he’s written. What he did with Rebirth is completely redefine Hal Jordan as a character. Now, he’s an integral part of the DCU, as are all of the other characters that Johns created, or enhanced. It’s hard to imagine Green Lantern without Geoff Johns, simply because everything in the current GL status quo is in some way influenced by Geoff Johns’ stellar work. We now enter a time in which Green Lantern will change forever, under the vision of an entirely new creative team. But despite that, we all know that Johns’ run defined the Green Lantern mythos, and, no matter how good the next creative team is, and no matter what they do, Geoff Johns’ run will always be the one that we remember as defining Hal Jordan, and all of the other great characters that are now a part of the mythos. Geoff Johns will be missed, but his impact on the franchise will never be permanently gone. At this point, there’s no way that Johns’ work could be wiped away.

Now, on to the review. To be quite honest, that issue even beat out Daredevil. It was stellar. I mean, so many DC comics have been so depressing, and Green Lantern #20 was the opposite of that, essentially. It was so uplifting, especially seeing the futures of each of the characters, and where they ended up. This has been such a dark saga, with Hal falling apart on numerous occasions. But now, we see why Johns thought him worth reviving in Rebirth. It’s because, as a character, he has so much to offer.

Of course, the rest of the cast does as well. The battle with Volthoom takes up much of the issue, but it’s peppered with great events. We get to see Guy Gardner bring Atrocitus back from his rage, we see Sinestro absorb Paralax, and we see Nekron come back under the command of none other than the Black Lantern Hal Jordan. But, at the end, he comes back into the fold as a Green Lantern, and we get closure on many key elements of Johns’ run. We see him with Carol Ferris again, despite them being on and off enemies for a long time now. Seeing them come back like they do is heartwarming. The same goes for the futures of John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest of the gang. All of them have a key role to play in the future, and Johns writes them with such skill that they seem to come alive. It’s so very, very uplifting.

And then there’s the end of Sinestro’s story. His final admission that he and Hal always have been friends is so very, very sad. But it’s so touching, really, seeing those two leave as friends. I really cannot emphasize how amazing this issue was. Johns wraps up his runs in the way that a run such as his deserves to be wrapped up. Not only on a high note, but on the highest note.

Rating: 10.0


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