Justice League #20 Review

So, more great Justice League this month. Man, the secrets some of these people have. Namely, The Atom. Do I still love her character? Yes. Did I feel hurt by her betrayal, even though she’s only been around three issues? Actually, yeah. That just speaks to how well Geoff Johns writes all of these characters. Each and every character that shows up in this issue is awesome, from Element Woman to Batman. I’ve never liked Firestorm or Element Woman, but I think that they’re both starting to grow on me, in much the same way that Superman grew on me.

This is part two of the prelude to Trinity War, so a lot happens that foreshadows the event. We see the dynamic between Batman and Superman evolving, as Batman takes Superman into the darkest part of his cave. The part that contains all of the boxes we saw last issue, and, in a very great moment, we see what’s inside Wonder Woman’s box. Nothing. Nothing at all. Before that, the Trinity has some great moments building off of the events of issue #19. That’s awesome, but I still think that the new Leaguers are really stealing the show here. Firestorm, Atom, and Element Woman are building this great dynamic, and I can’t wait to see what happens when it inevitably comes crashing down around them. 

Also, we now know that the Justice League really are the good guys. They aren’t the ones trying to start a war with other Leagues, and it’s a relief to see that it’s Waller that’s orchestrating all of this, and not the heroes. Oh, and Martian Manhunter shows up and absolutely demolishes Despero. We get to see how powerful he really is, and he completely annihilates Despero’s mind. I don’t know how to describe it other than saying that it was awesome. That said, I found that the artwork was a little odd. It looked weird, and I didn’t like it all that much.

Rating: 8.5


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