Talon #8 Review

So unlike many, I’ve really, really enjoyed Talon. I love what James Tynion has done with the mythology that Scot Snyder created in Baatman, and that he’s managed to take it, and make it it’s own force in the DC Universe. While #8 slows the pace down in favor of developing the plot a little, it was still a pretty great issue. We got to see Calvin back in the hands of the Court of Owls, mainly because they captured Casey and her daughter, who the Court is planning to turn into a Talon. Twisted, yes, but it makes for a good story, as the Court blackmails Calvin into working for them.

It ends in the same way Birds of Prey #20 ended, with Calvin looking over Batgirl and Mary, ready to strike. More than anything, this issue got me excited for the next issue. Really, it’s set up for something big coming in the future, that may draw other Gotham based books into it. The Court of Owls is such a great mythology that I can’t see a conflict between them and Bane’s army as anything to not be excited for, especially based on how the real grandmaster reacted at the mere mention of Bane. Not that I blame him because, frankly, Bane’s pretty scary. I mean, he “killed” Calvin. Obviously, they didn’t keep him dead, so that wasn’t a big surprise, but it didn’t take anything away from the book, especially since Casey probably still thinks he’s dead.

Really, though, it was the last line that got me. This book has been about Calvin breaking out of the mold set for him by The Court of Owls, and at the end, he basically admits he’s not bothered by working for them. So where that goes, I’d love to see, but hopefully the next issue picks up the pace again, for the sake of the story,

Rating: 7.8


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