Star Wars Legacy #3 Review

With this new issue, the saga of Ania Solo continues. I still find the fact that she has the last name Solo a little odd, but, hey, that’s the decision of the creators. They can do pretty much whatever they want, especially since they’re so far in the future of the Star Wars universe. Sadly, what we’re seeing seems surprisingly similar to what we’ve seen before. That said, the comic is written so well, and the characters are so great that I don’t mind all that much. Ania Solo is a strong female lead, and a dynamic character, as are her companions Sauk and, surprisingly enough, the assassin droid.

The central conflict is interesting as well, though the characters definitely hold the book up. It’s essentially a tale of an Imperial Knight named Val being impersonated and doing horrible things, so Ania and her little group, now bolstered by Val’s apprentice, have to take him down. Simple, yes, but it’s written well enough. Plus, it takes place in an area of the galaxy that I don’t think has been explored before, and it’s nice to see them take it to a new setting. That said, the new setting isn’t used enough, and this issue takes a lot of cues from the original trilogy. I don’t necessarily think that that’s a bad thing, but it feels a little too similar to what we’ve seen before. The book still remains fast paced and fun though, so my feelings are a little conflicted.

Overall, though, I think that this remains a great series. I personally feel that there are not enough Star Wars out there, so pretty much any Star Wars series is a good Star Wars series, Legacy being no exception. Is it as good or as original as Brian Wood’s ongoing series? No, but it’s still a really awesome read, and the characters are a lot of fun. Once the book becomes fully realized, it could definitely become an amazing comic. Right now, it’s great, it just needs to forge it’s own story in the galaxy far, far away.

Rating: 8.0


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