DC’s Villains Month…

… Is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever seen from a comic book publisher.

Before I go any further, I’d like to apologize for not blogging in a while, I’ve had exams, and I’ve been traveling. Both have screwed with my blogging schedule, as well as my comic schedule, so I haven’t even been able to get to all my books.

Anyways, Villain’s Month. For some reason, I get the feeling that it will be interrupting the story telling going on in all of DC’s books. And what’s the point of it? What I’ve gotten from what I’ve read is that it’s basically a 00 issue for all these villains, and that really frustrates me. Case in point: Batgirl #23.1, or The Ventriloquist #1. Gail Simone, in Batgirl #20, gave us the origin of The Ventriloquist in a single page. It was short, simple, and well done. I don’t need a whole issue of that characters origin.

And that goes for a lot of these villains. Bizarro in Superman #23.1, Grodd in Flash #23.1, Deadshot in JLA #7.1, and Darkseid in Justice League #23.1 are just a few examples. We have seen the origins of all these characters, and one of them has a series that features him prominently. I get the feeling that these issues will ruin whatever build up came before, and will feel completely unnecessary. What irks me even more is that some of them are revisiting past arcs, rather than exploring new stories.

The best example here is The Flash #23.1, or Grodd #1. We got bogged down in that terrible Gorilla Grodd story for a long time, and quickly discovered that most of the material with Grodd in it was actually pretty bad. So him getting his own issue really doesn’t excite me, especially since it will most likely have no relevance to whatever story is going on in the book at the time. The same thing is true of Justice League #23.1, featuring Darkseid. This seems like we’re just going back, rather than progressing.

That’s bad because, really, we’re not that far into the reboot. And if DC has already exhausted all of their villains, that’s a bad thing. But all of us readers know that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of other DC villain’s out there that really deserve their chance in the spotlight. So focusing in on villains that we’ve already seen – and this goes for the Joker as well, in Batman #23.1 – is a huge step backwards. I would be fine with Villain’s Month if it were a bunch of additional books, introducing new villains into The New 52, that were outside the main books.

Sadly, that isn’t what they are. And, even if they aren’t origin stories, the alternative is that they’re just stories told from a villain’s point of view. And that is really, really cool. I love when books will jump into the villain’s head for an issue to tell their story. However, that doesn’t justify the hike in price for every single book. For Villain’s Month, each of the books is going to be 3.99, and that angers me. There are really two possibilities for what these issues are, and that’s either origin stories that we don’t need, or stories from the villain’s point of view, neither of which justifies the price tag.

Of course, I think that some authors will be able to pull it off. I feel like Scott Snyder will be able to use Batman #23.1 (Joker #1) to his advantage. Considering that we’re already jumping into the past for Zero Year, why not give us the Joker’s origin? Sure, we all know it already, but Snyder has already proven that he rights great Joker stories, so why not see it unfold again, if only for a single issue? But still, it feels like we’re taking a step in the wrong direction again.

What would be interesting would be if they would introduce some new villains. Then, I would be on board, hands down. There’s never too few new characters, and Villain’s Month seems like a perfect time to introduce them. Sadly, I doubt we’ll get much of that, and I also doubt that there will be a whole lot to look forwards to in Villain’s Month.


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