Superman Unchained #1 Review

I have literally one problem with this book, and, honestly, it’s a problem that’s justified. That problem? The five dollar price tag. Like Batman #21, they used a different type of paper for the cover, so that is nice, but what really justifies the five dollars I payed for this issue is what’s inside. And no, I’m not talking about the poster that you get. That fold out poster is really awesome, yes, but I probably won’t take it out. Actually, I’m going to buy another copy just for the poster, because it’ a really awesome poster, but pulling it out means that whenever I want to read this issue again, I’d have to pause, look at my wall, and then pick up the issue again. A little inconvenient, no? Anyways, this is my dream team for a comic. Scott Snyder is my favorite comic book writer, and Jim Lee is my favorite artist. Here, neither of them disappoints.

Jim Lee delivers, producing amazing work, just like he always does. And Scott Snyder, like he always does, delivers excellent character work. He seems to be able to slip into the mind of any character, be it the Joker, Pearl Jones, Swamp Thing, or, in this case, Superman. Like Charles Soule and Andy Diggle, he’s been able to produce an issue of Superman that is, on it’s own, better than any other issue of any Superman related book since the start of The New 52. This isn’t emo jerk Superman, this is Superman. You know, the one that we get in Adventures of Superman. Luckily, that’s no longer the only place you can go for a good Superman fix anymore. Now, you’ve got this book, and it makes up for two years of Ok Superman stories. We get Soerman as he was meant to be, really just doing his best to help anyone and everyone that he can, and that’s what I like about Superman. He may be an alien, but he’s a good human as well.

Then there’s Snyder’s skill at differentiating between Clark and Superman. We see both sides of Clark Kent here, both him as the reporter trying to piece together a puzzle, and as Superman, saving astronauts from falling satellites. From beginning to end, it’s so, so good. The dual cliffhangers at the end are both really great as well. More than anything, this issue sets up what’s to come, but hey, what did you expect from a #1 issue? After the Superman we’ve had to endure throughout The New 52, this is both the Superman book we deserve, and the one that we need right now.

Rating: 9.3


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  1. brucekenobi says:

    So what justifies the price?

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