Why I’ll Be Getting The PS4

It was never my intention to betray Microsoft and become a Sony convert. Really, it’s a shame that I ended up coming to the conclusion that the PlayStation 4 is the better alternative to Microsoft’s Xbox One. Will I miss Xbox? Yeah, I really will. Ever since I got my Xbox 360, I’ve loved it. It’s a great console, and will probably remain a great console in the year’s to come, so I will be holding onto that – if only to still be able to play Halo. But, as I said earlier, it’s looking like the PS4 is going to dominate the Xbox One in nearly every area – price, hardware, exclusives, etc.

First of all: Microsoft has been extremely rude over the past couple days at E3. Because of complaints about the always online DRM, we’ve been told to “deal with it” or “buy an Xbox 360”. I try to keep this blog PG, but seriously, fuck you Microsoft. I would have loved to buy the Xbox One, even with the always online DRM! There would have been some way around it, and it’s not exactly the best option, but those comments alienated me and others like me! I live in a country with extremely slow internet, so what, would I have to play games with perpetual lag? Why should I have to deal that problem? So that you can set up Skynet? And then, Microsoft can’t even deal with the criticism! “Deal with it”. Really? REALLY?!?! Fuck off Microsoft….

Eventually, there will be a market for an always online DRM, and eventually, I will accept it, but that time isn’t now. It’s not next year, and it’s not the year afterwards either. Meanwhile, over at Sony, you have the PS4, which doesn’t always require internet. You can still play online, which is great, but you don’t always have to be online. On the few occasions my internet actually works, I really love playing online. And I’m fine with paying for it. I had to deal with Xbox Live’s fees, so I’m Ok with paying for online gaming. Whatever. And then there’s the fact that Somy actually treats their fans well and their response to criticism isn’t “deal with it”.

Then there’s the hardware. Yes, the Xbox One has Kinect 2.0. Yes, it has voice command. Do I care? No, I really don’t. I’m going to use the controller anyways! The Kinect I have now has voice command, and I never use that, so how would it be any different with the Xbox One? The answer is simple: it wouldn’t be any different. When they brought it out, it was a flashy toy. At the time, everyone was spellbound by it, myself included. It’s cool tech, yes, but I don’t see it having any practical use, to be honest.

Obviously, there’s more to hardware than just Kinect. Most of it is very similar, but there are some slight differences. The console itself is smaller, which is a win. In addition, the PS4 uses a graphics card that beats out that of the Xbox One, allowing for greater graphical fidelity. Graphics aren’t the most important thing to me, but they’re nice. In addition, the processor is also better. It’s arguable, but the GDDR5 sported by the PS4 is the better of the two processors, at least for gaming. And that’s what I’m going to be using this console for.

To me, it seems that Sony and it’s PS4 are focused more on the games, while Microsoft and it’s Xbox One are focused more on the money. The Xbox One is a money maker first, gaming console second. It’s targeted at non-gamers, who will use it to watch TV and movies, or use other apps. Well, Earth to Microsoft: non-gamers aren’t going to buy your console and all you’re doing is alienating parts of your fan base, whereas the PS4 is actually meant to appeal to gamers.

And then there’s used games. I regularly buy used games, and my friends and I borrow each others games, rather than all of us buying a game only one of us is really interested in. With the Xbox One, we couldn’t do that. We’d have to pay fees for used and borrowed games. Or, here’s another example: a friend comes over and brings a game that he or she wants to play, we put in the Xbox, and it asks us to pay a fee. That, I simply will not stand for. The PS4 has none of that, and there’s another reason I’m going to get the PS4, as opposed to the Xbox One.

Then there are the games themselves. I’ll be sad to leave the Xbox behind, simply because I’ve invested so much time into the Halo franchise, and Microsoft has a bunch of other exclusives that they will be releasing. I love Halo. It’s my favorite game franchise of all time, to be honest, I’ve loved every single installment, even ODST and Halo Wars. I also live Gears of War, but I can’t really see that franchise going anywhere else after the excellent Gears of War: Judgement. And then there’s all the Playstation exclusives that I’ve loved for a long time but never been able to own. I’ve played almost all of both Infamous games, and they are both awesome. I love both Little Big Planet games, and both Killzone and Resistance are better than your standard shooter. And, with a Halo TV show imminent and my library of other Halo titles, including books, games, and the two movies, I’m fine with missing the next few entries in the series. Plus, there will be exclusive content for Destiny and Batman: Arkham Origins, which I’m eager to check out.

Finally, there’s the price. This may have been the biggest factor in my decision, actually. The Xbox One’s price was revealed at an astonishing 500 dollars! That’s insane! My Xbox 360 (with the Kinect!) and half my games wouldn’t cost that! Sure, the PS4 is only 100 dollars cheaper, but that’s far more reasonable for what you’re getting with the console. The PS4 looks better, and will probably play better as well. It will be sad to miss out on Halo, but Microsoft has only pissed me off at E3, so the PS4 is definitely what I’ll be getting. Maybe I’ll get the Xbox One, if the price drops, the online DRM is removed, and MS apologizes for their inconsiderate remarks. Sadly, I doubt that will happen.


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8 Responses to Why I’ll Be Getting The PS4

  1. brucekenobi says:

    This is the best blog post I have ever read.

      • brucekenobi says:

        It’s because if life were a story, you delivered a huge plot twist. I normally think of you as an Xbox fan and how that will never change no matter how much Microsoft screws up. This blog post obliterated that thought of you out of my head. That is why it stands out among the others. If you need a second reason, I’m happy that we get to finally agree on a gaming console and play online together occasionally.

  2. brucekenobi says:

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  3. Sergio Snabian says:

    I plan to wait until the Xbox One is REALLY cheap, like at the end of its cycle, buy it along with all the Halo games that will be relased for it, beat their campaigns, and return ASAP. BTW there’s still the Wii U.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      The Wii U isn’t exactly a true next gen console though. I’m excited for the PS4 though, because it actually looks like a really great console. It seems like a really huge upgrade from the current generation of consoles, so I want to get one of the two. Sure, I’ll get it later in the console cycle, but I will probably be getting the PS4.

      That said, eventually, the tech the Xbox One is using will become viable. Then, I will be excited about getting the Xbox
      One. Maybe.

  4. The Wildest Tamim of All Time says:

    It’s a shame with Microsoft’s whole attitude towards this new console generation. This whole cloud gaming thing sounds like a really cool concept, but I still don’t think it was worth dicking the entire infrastructure of the console for it. It’s an even bigger shame that Microsoft showed off some standout exclusives, like Project Spark, Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall, Depths (I believe it was called), and that Halo reveal was sweet.

    Oh well, the PS4 will still have great exclusives, in addition to games that are multiplatform, enter Batman, Witcher, Destiny, MGS V, Dark Souls II, etc.

    Great blog post by the way 🙂

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      Yeah, it’s a shame that MS had to screw it all over with their rude attitude and a few annoying features that hindrr gameplay. It seems that they’re out of touch with the community, but they do have some great exclusives.

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