Wonder Woman #21 Review

At this point, I don’t think that there’s really much to say about Wonder Woman. Brian Azzarello is just knocking it out of the park issue after issue, making Wonder Woman one of the best books out there right now. All that I would do at this point is continue to throw praise on this magnificently wonderful book, and this is probably one of the best issues so far. It sets up a complete re-imagining of New Genesis (which we knew was coming but is still awesome) while still continuing the First Born plot. Orion is back in full force this issue, and, as always, his comments continue to prove that he’s probably the best character in this book. Even after Wonder Woman put him in his place, he insists on being an ass, and it’s really quote funny. As always, the characters are written extraordinarily well. My one complaint would be that we don’t know much about the first born’s sidekick (for lack of a better word), but I’m sure that’s coming. And really, what else can I say? The characters are great, the plot’s great, the world’s great, and it all comes together to form a stellar issue of a stellar series.

Rating: 9.6


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