Day 4 – My Guilty Pleasure Comic or Character

Honestly, I’m not guilty about anything that I like. So, in that respect, this entry is essentially the same as yesterday’s – a comic that is underrated – for me. If I like something, that’s completely my own prerogative. No body who reads comics fits in the same box. I mean, I know people who don’t enjoy Hawkeye, and I know people who actually like some of Scott Lobdell’s work.

Surprising, right? Well, yeah, it’s surprising, but we can pick and choose what we like. I like things many people don’t, and I dislike things many people like. Does that mean I should feel guilty about it? Should I feel guilty about the fact that I enjoy the (frankly, quite childish) Young Justice tie in comic? Or, to give another example, the widely disliked Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic?

Because if I should feel guilt about enjoying either of those comics, I guess I’m doing it wrong, because I don’t. “Guilt” is something that I would feel, if, say, I someone’s wallet, or do something else that I deem morally wrong.

But, really, how can one deem what they like and don’t like morally wrong? I like some things, and that’s not something that I should feel guilty about. Maybe some people feel that way, but, really, they’re people with either no individuality or no imagination. Sure, I would say that most weekly comic book readers would have very similar, if not exactly the same, top five ongoing series. In fact, I’ll name them: Batman, Hawkeye, Saga, Daredevil, and Wonder Woman. Most people probably have at least three of those in their top 5, but that’s really just because they’re so good.

Anyways, I’m starting to get off topic, which isn’t a good thing. But I have a point to make. People like many of the same things because they’re undeniably good. You could make an argument that some things are undeniably bad (For example, I would make that argument about anything Scott Lobdell has ever written, barring only Red Hood and the Outlaws), but if people like his work, whatever.

They shouldn’t be critiqued for that, and they sure as hell shouldn’t have to feel a sense of guilt about their likes and dislikes.

So, rather than picking out a specific comic that I feel “guilty” about enjoying, my pick for this entry is going to be something I really love, but is generally disliked. That’s the best way I can do this. I have no feelings of guilt about liking this book, because, well, I like it. Get over it.

That book is actually a four issue mini series that came out last year: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. To this day, I don’t get why people didn’t like it. I guess Deadpool just annoys some people, and he just doesn’t have that effect on me. Or maybe it was the fact that the plot was, admittedly, fairly weak. Well, guess what? I don’t care. Why? Because those four issues were so much fun!

I love Deadpool. I’ll just get that off the table. And, in this mini series, he was everything I want from him: funny, insane, and pretty damn violent. The book really just consists of him murdering his way through the Marvel universe, taking out the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and numerous X-Men. It’s bloody and violent, and Deadpool makes it a lot of fun.

To be clear: it wasn’t the constant slaughter that was fun. It was Deadpool that was fun. And, to be honest, I loved every minute I spent reading those four quick, all too brief issues.


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