Day 5: Comic Book Character I Am Most Like

This entry has presented me with a problem. A pretty big problem actually. As much as I’d like to say that I’m heroic, I simply accept that I’m not. If I look at the superhero paradigm, I have very little in common with any of those characters. So, for this, I have to look to independent comics, coming from publishers like IDW, Image, Vertigo, and others.

But, as I sifted through some of my favorite series from those publishers, such as Ex Machina, Rocketeer, American Vampire, The Walking Dead, and others, I once again realized that little to nothing in common with the lead characters from any of those books. Mostly, this sprouts from my antisocial tendencies. Now, that being said, I would hesitate to compare myself to villains; what I need is sort of an average human being. Not to say that I’m average, in fact, in many areas, I’m probably above average.

In the end, the answer came to me, and then proceeded to beat me over the head. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I share many traits with the star of Y: The Last Man, Yorick Brown. Now, this isn’t a method to boost my self confidence or ego. When you think of Yorick, you don’t exactly associate him with adjectives like, say, “heroic”.

In fact, there are instances where he says himself that he isn’t the world’s best hope at repopulating the Earth. Hopefully, being the last man alive is never a situation I have to deal with. Anyways, I began to realize that I do share personality traits with Yorick. Like Yorick, I’m not always social. Or, more accurately, at least in my case, I’m never social. MY social life is pretty much the IGN Assemble! Facebook group and a few friends that I sit around and play Xbox with.

I doubt that Yorick’s social issues are that severe – but he does reference having them. He’s also got a geeky side to him – he’s an English major that’s immersed in pop culture. That’s essentially what I want to be, someday. He also has some serious trouble thinking through situations before rashly jumping in. He’s smart, but doesn’t always think ahead.

You know who else does that? Me. Also, you know who else wouldn’t want to let a girlfriend go because he could never get another one, ever? Yeah, that would be me. Although, unlike Yorick, I’ll probably never have that. Cool, time to go cut myself in a corner while I finish dissing myself on my own blog. BUT! I do have some good qualities… I guess?

Like Yorick, I’m opinionated, smart, and I think critically. I guess those are good things, right?


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