Day 7 – Favorite Comic Book Couple

My favorite “comic book couple” doesn’t exactly translate into comics, and that sucks, because it’s a relationship that works so well, and that seems like it was meant to be – even when the two characters are on the outs. Those two characters? Superboy and Miss Martian. Their dynamic throughout the short lived Young Justice was pretty great. Of all the couples on that show, they easily had the best dynamic.

I guess that sprouts from them being the two characters on the team, at least initially, that are “different”. Superboy’s a Kryptonian/human and Miss Martian is, well, a martian. Even when they were going through tough times during season 2, I always knew that they would end up together.

Anyways, I’m cutting this one short because I should have posted it yesterday, and I have yet to write the today’s post.


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