Our Media Has Failed Us

It’s a bold claim. Sadly, it’s actually quite true. Don’t believe me? Go turn on your TV, and turn it to any “news” channel. You know what they’re talking about? Right now,  probably the royal baby. They might be talking about Anthony Weiner, but then they’ll go back to talking about the royal baby.

Now, this, unto itself, is not necessarily a bad thing – what’s bad is that it’s getting so much coverage – and that it’s getting coverage over other, more important issues. There are at least two things that I doubt most people know about, even those who immerse themselves in media. Watching the news doesn’t help anyone anymore, really, at least American news.

What this is is proof of the fact that our culture has severely f*cked us. And you know what? Maybe we deserve it. After all, we allowed this to happen. Nobody complains about the fact that our media doesn’t tell us important things – like the fact that Cuba is trying to ship nuclear missiles to North Korea. And no, that’s not just some bullshit conservative theory – it happened. And it happened less than a week ago.

Yet, even right after it happened, where could you find it on the channels that pass for news? On the Rachel Maddow Show. Maybe. Online, there are tons of articles – just do a google search for it. Now, this can’t be entirely blamed on the media – this is entirely on us. Why would we want to know this? Why would we care about depressing stories that serve no purpose other than creating fear?

Well, to be quite honest, there are some things that we should be scared of. I hate this whole fear mongering thing that many conservatives – and, sadly, the wimps that pass for liberals in congress – partake in. I’m not for it. But you know what? We should be scared of a nuclear war with North Korea. Is it something we should be thinking about everyday? No. But the fact that we’ve got Cuba sending missiles to North Korea – that’s a problem.

But how many news shows actually reported it? Instead, we’re getting stories about celebrity gossip. Our culture doesn’t want to know about possibly EXISTENTIAL threats. No, we want to know about what damn English “royalty” is going to name their baby! Didn’t we fight a war against England back in the 1700’s so that we would be free of that SAME ROYAL FAMILY?

The point is: we have created a culture where real news is irrelevant. You will find exactly zero news programs in the top 25 shows that Americans watched, and the only ones that crack the top 100 are parody news shows, like The Daily Show. What I’m trying to say is this: we care more about who wins American Idol than what goes on in our world. I can’t be the only one who sees a problem with this.

Here’s something else: How many people actually know anything about our nominee for the United Nations? Sure, people who keep up to date with international politics don’t – but I’d bet that that’s a minority. The sad part about that is that it’s been causing quite a ruckus in the international community – namely because of that nominee.

Because of Samantha Powers’ (that’s her name) attempts to impress congress, she lashed out against Venezuela. In response, the Venezuelan government responded by severing ties with the US, and making the following comments:

Ms. Power’s comments were interventionist

UN has recognized Venezuela as having solid constitutional guarantees

“By contrast, the whole world is constantly expressing concern over repressive practices carried out by the United States”

Venezuela complains about Gitmo being illegal

Complain about drone attacks

In response to Trayvon Martin: “Repression exists in the United States where the United States kills African Americans with impunity”

The US has illegally persecuted Edward Snowden – his rights were violated along with the rights of all the world’s people

They’ve demanded an apology from the US

They’ve agreed with Samantha Power that there are fascist parts of Venezuela and that she’s only helping those elements within the country

“Who is behind the failed attempt to take over Venezuela? The US imperialist government.”

Venezuela is increasingly interested in relations with China

All of those are legitimate claims – but apparently, reality TV is far more important than that. Seriously – this is important stuff that could have a direct impact on us. We deserve to know, do we not?

The currently pathetic state of our media, more than anything, is the lead in to a dystopic society where a party that isn’t the people has control over what see and hear. Essentially, these are the first signs of a totalitarian state. The empirical evidence proves this – countries that don’t want their people to know what’s going on set up complete media black outs.

Take China, for example. There is a reason that the Chinese government controls what the people see – it’s the only way that they can keep their authoritarian hold on their citizens. Really, if I need to explain why this is a problem, you’re way to far gone – and you are probably what is wrong with society.

That’s part of the reason that I hope Edward Snowden doesn’t end up in US custody – he did what the media and it’s journalists couldn’t. He exposed a truth that we, as American citizens, have a right to know. I’m not exactly suggesting that the government controls our media, but, rather corporations. Corporations have one goal: to dehumanize us so that we buy their products. What better way better way to do that than by destroying our freedoms?

Television desensitizes us – and the less the media actually gives us news, the more they can help out their friends in large corporations put us down.

Ladies and gentleman, our media, which is owned by a small number of insanely rich CEO’s, has failed society. We are on the brink of a societal collapse – that, or a massive shift to a totalitarian state where we think we are happy. Corporations have that power. They can look at us, and tell us only what we want to know. That just serves to dehumanize us – and brings us to the point where we are little more than bags of blood and bone.

We’re deceived into thinking that we’re happy. In the ever so wise words of Rage Against the Machine: “If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face.” That’s the attitude we should all have – happiness is important, but we can’t have a culture that simply creates false happiness – especially if that stems from our media ignoring important issues. We have a moral obligation as human beings to ensure that that doesn’t happen – and right now, it’s not going too well.


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One Response to Our Media Has Failed Us

  1. Sergio Snabian says:

    So much win! I can understand England caring about the royals, because you know, they’re English. But for America to lionize plutocrats is out of question for me, especially considering the common man in America is suffering.

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