Batman/Superman #2 Review

There’s one thing I love about this book, and one thing I really don’t like. I love Greg Pak’s writing, but can’t stand Jae Lee’s artwork. Overall, this issue is actually really good, and I know that a lot of people really love Jae Lee’s artwork. I really don’t get how people can love artwork that lacks backgrounds, but, hey, whatever. I just find it odd that the characters are talking about being in Wayne Manor, and yet all we get to see is some fog. On top of that, I feel like Superman’s face just looks weird.

Now that I’m done critiquing the artwork, I will say this: the story itself is awesome. I love that we’re getting to see the Batmen and Supermen of Earth Prime and Earth Two meet up in a comic. The contrast is obvious – but the similarities are certainly there as well. One of my favorite scenes in the book is the scene in which we see the two Batmen fighting and they figure out the other is actually legit because nobody knows the backwards dragon punch. Except, of course, for Batman.

The Superman scenes, on the other hand, aren’t quite as good. Whereas the Batman scenes see some great moments for both Batmen, I felt that the Supermen scenes only actually benefited Earth Two Superman. He’s the one with all the great character moments and all the great lines, whereas Earth Prime Superman sort of just tries to hit him. And, in contrast with the Batman scenes, they’re just alright, at least until Wonder Woman shows up in the last two pages.

Still, though, Earth Prime Superman is just kind of annoying. I see this as Greg Pak taking a shot at Scott Lobdell, but it still doesn’t excuse the weak characterization, or the book’s artwork. I mean, it’s not in any way bad, in fact, it’s actually pretty good, despite the flaws that it certainly does have.

Rating: 7.7


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