Larfleeze #2 Review

So far, Larfleeze has been such a great book. The first issue was witty, action packed, and a whole lot of fun, which is really not a surprise coming from the killer creative team of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis. What’s great is that the second issue can be described using those same adjectives: it’s witty, action packed, and fun. But, more than anything, it’s a nice change of pace from the rest of DC’s current output.

I really only have one problem with this issue: there isn’t enough of the title character. The book is still great, but I feel that taking Larfleeze out of the picture for at least half of the book was a mistake, as there were plenty of moments that could have used a little more of the universe’s one and only Orange Lantern. Now, that being said, there were plenty of great moments, my favorite being Stargrave comparing Larfleeze to a hemorrhoid. Over the course of reading this, you will see all of the following amazing things:

Larfleeze hugging a staff
Pulsar Stargrave (the butler) befriending a cosmic dog
A small red demon like thing that is a (certified) lackey
Stargrave trying to make the distinction between “lord” and “Laord”

To top it off, all of that is happening to the backdrop of Larfleeze battling a giant cosmic god while screaming about how much he wants his “stuff”. This book is certainly not for everyone, and if you did not find any of the aforementioned things amusing or funny, then you need to stay away from this book. However, I loved all of those moments. It’s hard to take the book or it’s characters seriously, but that’s fine, since it’s so amusing. Again though, if you’re one of those people who wants to see 9 year olds slaughtered every week, you’re probably not going to enjoy this book. For the rest of you, it’s pretty amazing.

Rating: 8.5


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