Constantine #5 Review

I’m one of the few people out there (at least, I feel like the minority) that has enjoyed Constantine from the start. Sure, once Jeff Lemire stopped co writing it, there was a quality dip, and, yes, I wish it was Hellblazer as much as the next guy. But I have enjoyed the four issues leading up to this one, and, honestly, I enjoyed this issue as well. In the context of Trinity War in general, it’s kind of pointless. It does nothing to further the story of Trinity War, but it’s a fun, done in one story that (hopefully) sets up an interesting relationship.

Essentially, it’s just John Constantine stripping Shazam of his powers and then fighting a demon with them. The dynamic between the two leads is an interesting one – as we see Billy Batson accusing John of being exactly like he was just a short time ago. That’s a great nod to how far Billy has come as a character since that point, but, sadly, it isn’t really driven home. The two have an interesting dynamic that I would almost say is comparable to the Batman/Superman dynamic. It’s certainly an interesting way to look at it, and, while that dynamic is certainly a formulaic one, it’s also fun to see done with other characters.

The action scene is pretty great, and seeing John – who hates “capes” – in a costume brawling with a demon in a bar is pretty good. Yeah, it would probably have been better in the context of a one shot Hellblazer story, but you know what? That book doesn’t exist anymore, so I might as well enjoy a character I love no matter what his interpretation, especially if it ends up lime Swamp Thing has ended up, where each new creator brings essentially a new character to the table. That being said, this book is fun, but it’s pretty shallow, and, as a Trinity War tie in, essentially useless, and it has really horrible cliffhanger, but overall, it’s a good issue.

Score: 7.0


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