Justice League Dark #22 Review

So far, Trinity War has been the best big event since Flashpoint. Geoff Johns did an excellent job in Justice League and JLA laying the groundwork, and now, Jeff Lemire steps up to the plate with Mikel Janin at his side, on the art. And man, is that art gorgeous. I dropped off of Justice League Dark a while back, and I remember the art being good, but I don’t remember it being this good. For longtime fans of the series, it’s probably great to see Janin do some of the bigger DC characters, but, really, it’s great for everyone because this book is beautiful.

I do feel, however, that Jeff Lemire sort of got pushed to the side. This issue, for the most part, consisted of moving all the major players into place, rather than actually making any big moves forward, at least story wise. Everything that happens in this book is important, yes, but I feel that the real purpose of this issue was to divide the teams up into smaller, more scattered factions, and prepare for the next two issues, which will probably be pretty big.

But this issue is set up in the way that the last few issues of The Walking Dead have been set up. Yes, the purpose isn’t actually to make major advancements in the story, but it’s hard to care because it’s so good. And really, whenever you’ve got Jeff Lemire writing a book, it’s pretty hard not to enjoy it. It’s really great to finally see him getting his due and being involved in a big event like this. Because no matter how good he is, he never gets to write any of the really big characters, and this may be his only chance at writing Superman or Batman.

But man, even if that’s true, I’m fine with it. He’s never written these characters before – he’ the second writer ever to do anything with Simon Baz – but he just gets the characters. He understands who they are, what motivates them, and their relationships with each other, and that’s been the driving force of this event. I especially love that, no matter what Superman may have done, people are still on his side because they know he would never have done something like that. SUCK IT MAN OF STEEL! Anyways, at the end of the day, the art is this issue’s anchor. Lemire’s writing is great, but this issue’s sole purpose is set up for the last half of Trinity War.

Score: 8.0


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