Satellite Sam #2 Review

When a new comic comes out that I’m interested, I always read at least the first three issues. If I like, I continue reading it unless I stop liking it, and if I don’t, it’s gone, never to be read again. Three may seem odd, but, in the case of Matt Fraction’s Satellite Sam, it definitely needs to be three. I found that I rather enjoyed the first issue – it was intense, fast paced, and suspenseful, until the last couple pages of it. This second issue, however, felt like a slow, boring drag of behind the scenes back stabbing that really isn’t very interesting.

At first I thought I wasn’t enjoying because of the lack of action, and I thought “Am I really this shallow?”. But I love books that have little to no action, the best example probably being Y: The Last Man. It’s also not the black and white artwork – I love books that use a black and white color pallet. And I love Matt Fraction. So that leaves me with the question: Why did I find this book to be so boring?

And I guess I don’t really have a solid answer for that. The story really isn’t that interesting, and I find the characters to be, sadly, quote bland. It may just not be for me, and I’m sure there are those out there that are loving this comic and I’m just… not. Nothing about it has really served to draw me in. With most books, I’ll either love the characters, the world, the plot, or any combination of those things. This takes place in the real world, so it’s not that interesting. The plot is (I guess) a murder mystery, but it’s a pretty bad one, and the characters just aren’t interesting to me.

Even interactions between the characters (which we get a lot of) don’t interest me. In the first issue, they were interesting enough, and I just assumed that their lack of development could be attributed to it being a first issue. But, sadly, that doesn’t change. None of them are really developed at all. The same could be said of the plot. It’s kind of boring, especially for a murder mystery.

Actually, it may not even be a murder mystery, in fact, it seems like a reality TV show more than anything else. Knowing Matt Fraction, it’s probably an attempt to parody a reality TV show and I should find the whole concept hysterical, but… I just don’t. I can’t find anything in this book to connect with, and I can’t find any reason to continue reading, aside from the gorgeous art from Howard Chaykin. No matter how good that is, however, it fails to salvage the issue as a whole.

Score: 5.5, For Die Hard Fans Only

It may be that Satellite Sam just isn’t for me. The characters, world, and plot are all bland, and I can’t seem to form a connection with any of them. I love Matt Fraction, but I’m not at all sold on this book. The artwork is certainly stunning, despite being completely black and white, but even if everything looks good, the book just bores me, and gets progressively slower and more irksome as it goes on.


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