Green Arrow #23 Review

So how about this comic? It’s done a complete reversal in quality. It went from being absolutely horrifying (so bad, in fact, that I dropped it) to the astoundingly awesome book that it is right now. And all of that is thanks, at least mostly, to Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. Everything about this book is extraordinary right now. The heroes, the villains, the accomplices… all of the characters are written extremely well.

And what a cast it is now. I haven’t said this before, so I’m saying it now: I love the whole tribes aspect that they’re pushing. It adds a lot to the Green Arrow mythology, which, up until this point, was one of DC’s weakest. But Jeff Lemire has proven himself at creating and expanding mythologies, and this is no exception. Characters like Komodo, Shado, and Magus are all great, and add both antagonists and protagonists to Green Arrow’s story. And the whole mythology behind it is great as well, like I said, the tribes are such an awesome concept. Very reminiscent of the Illuminati.

I also have to say; I love the re-imagined Count Vertigo. Lemire has really taken advantage of The New 52 by completely revamping his character, making him (and pardon the Star Wars reference) more machine than man. His design is great as well – Sorrentino really killed it with this re-design. This actually has me extraordinarily excited for the Villains Month issue, as I feel like there is so much more to this Count Vertigo than we’ve gotten… and I want more.

Sort of like I want more of this book. It’s brilliant in nearly every way, but it completely blew me away with those flashback panels. The way they’re done is so stylistic, and looks so great. I especially love the page where everything sprouts out of the arrow, making me think that Sorrentino’s taking some cues from Greg Capullo (see Batman issues 21 and 22) which is not at all a bad thing. Capullo’s a beast, and Sorrentino’s stellar.

There’s so much more to these characters than one might think. Each and every one of them is three dimensional, barring only the hired mercenaries. Even back in Seattle, the gang leaders we see are great characters. It’s almost a pity (SPOILERS!!!) to see the, go so soon, but, hey, it advances the plot in great ways. Sure, there is a lot going on, and it’s sometime had to keep track of all the characters and what they’re doing, but man, Lemire has a way of making these things come together.

Score: 9.0, Amazing

Lemire and Sorrentino have made Green Arrow an awesome character again. There’s some great concepts in this book, especially the tribes. The characters are all vibrant and well written, and it’s great to finally see Green Arrow’s mythology get fleshed out like this – even if it took a line wide reboot to do it. More than anything, this is a story of rebirth for Green Arrow – and thanks to Lemire and Sorrentino, I’m 100% on board until they leave.


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