Justice League of America #7 Review

Unsurprisingly, this is another solid issue of Trinity War. Building off of last issue’s set up, JLA #7 sees the plot move forward significantly. Sure, we all know where this is headed (unless you’ve somehow evaded the massive Forever Evil spoilers), and now we’re just settling it for the trip there. At this point, I’m fine with, because Johns and Lemire are killing it week after week. And while this isn’t necessarily the best issue of Trinity War yet, it has it’s share of great character moments, which is really what this book is about.

One of the best moments is seeing Atom finally reveal that she’s been with the JLA the whole time, as opposed to the Justice League. Firestorm and Element Woman also get some great moments, and I love that those two characters are getting their chances to shine. Lex Luthor also gets a great moment in which he admits his jealousy of “whoever set up Superman”. Simon Baz, Catawoman, and the Flash have a few great moments outside the the House of Mystery, and then there’s the whole scene with Dr. Psycho, which is great as well.

The only thing this issue lacks is action scenes, but it’s surprisingly fast paced nonetheless. More than anything, Trinity War is more of a character study, taking many of the major heroes, and going into their psyches to reveal who they truly are. That’s great, and I’m glad that the authors are doing that instead of just having the Leagues beat each other up.

Also: there’s more Question in this issue than any of the three previous issues, and, in my mind, that alone makes it worth the four dollars I paid for it, because Question is awesome.

That being said, I’m not sure I like where they’re going with Pandora’s box. I’m actually not a fan of the whole Trinity of Sin, and I feel that it plays into Trinity War way more than it should. It allows us to get a lot more Question, but the whole Pandora’s box thing isn’t great. It’s not that it isn’t done well, I just don’t like the concept. My only other critique of this issue is that Wonder Woman and her group were completely sidelined until the end. And, Wonder Woman aside, that group has far from gotten it’s due.

Score: 8.6, Great

Aside from the lack of a third of Trinity War’s characters and the over usage of Pandora’s Box, Trinity War remains awesome. Johns and Lemire have done a great job with the characters, and the art is just as good as the character work is. Some characters are getting the best character work they’ve gotten in a long time, and it’s great to see characters that have been sidelined in The New 52 get their due.


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2 Responses to Justice League of America #7 Review

  1. erathon says:

    I didn’t feel like this issue moved the plot forward much at all. It definitely gave us new plot lines to react to and explore, but beyond Supes group (and even including them) not a lot happened story-wise.
    I’m thrilled that Trinity War is character driven though, and I certainly don’t mind sacrificing some action for more character study. Sadly, Wonder Woman’s group, mostly JLD, hasn’t been focused on much, but I’m really hoping that will change next week. I feel like Stargirl and somewhat Hawkman are extraneous right now, and most of the JLD just hasn’t had the opportunity to shine like other people have.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed this issue and have loved Trinity War so far. I don’t particularly mind Pandora’s box right now, but we’ll have to see where it goes. And yes, any scene with the Question is a treat.

    • jeanluc1997 says:

      I agree with the fact that many characters have been sidelined, especially the JLD, but I really enjoy all the other stuff. With such a huge cast is does make sense that some characters are sidelined, and I hope that the underused characters get more time in the next few issues.

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