Saga #13 Review

It’s been two months since the last issue of Saga came out, and in that time, I’ve read both trades countless times I’m preparation for issue #13. Like many fans of the series, I waited, and waited, and waited for this issue to come out. And you know what? It didn’t disappoint. I’m honestly glad that they didn’t just have a fill I’m artist do a few issues, because Fiona Staples is awesome, and BKV is awesome, so, in the end, the wait was totally worth it.

Saga #13 has a lot in common with the previous twelve issues – it’s a great science fiction/fantasy book. There’s something about it’s particular brand of sci-fi that I can’t quite put my finger on, and that’s what I love about the book. I mean, this issue has living skeletons! Sure, that’s sort of a fantasy staple, but since when have individual bones attacked people and then come together to form beasts? There’s also mention of a repair crew that flies around the galaxy fixing ships. And there are also tabloids that pick up the story of Allana and Marko’s child. I have no clue how BKV comes up with this stuff, but it’s great, and I love it.

This issue also has a great brand of humor injected in it, in the form of The Will’s deceased partner, The Stalk. He’s been seeing her for a while now, but this is actually somewhat reminiscent of Six being in Gaius’ head in Battlestar Galactica, a comparison that is solidified by Gwendolyn asking him exactly who he’s yelling at. Of course, the narration from future Hazel is quirky as always, and a joy to read.

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this book, except that parts of the book don’t get the page space that they deserve – namely the character of D. Oswald Heist and the scene in the military hospital. Regardless, we’ll see more of that soon enough, I’m sure. There’s also a lack of Marko, which kind of sucks since I love his character. It does make sense, since he’s mourning, but I would have love to see a little more of him.

Score: 9.5, Amazing

After a two month hiatus, Saga’s return does not disappoint. Fiona Staples kills it on art, and BKV kills it in the writing department. There’s a great sense of humor to this book, and BKV, of course, comes up with some equally great sci-fi material to match it. Saga is a sci-fi epic that is not to be missed. Plus, Marko’s rocking a pretty sweet beard now that his father’s dead.


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