The Walking Dead #113 Review

This is probably the best issue of the Walking Dead for a while. And holy crap was it awesome! It’s sort of still set up while we wait for the All Out War story line to kick in, but man, this issue had a great central conflict that is suspenseful and pretty great to see unfold. All of the characters are in top form – especially the psychotic Negan – and there are a lot of really great moments in this issue.

Exhibit A: that last page. Holy shit that was brilliant. I don’t want to spoil it, but it was just so good, as we’re the events leading up to it, in the second prong of dual pronged issue. There’s the main, driving part, that truly begins with Carl shooting a piece of Lucille (Negan’s baseball bat), which enrages Negan. Who them goes on to admit that he rubs it against his dick and… yeah. WALKING DEAD EVERYBODY!!! At that point, I was like “What am I reading?”, but then I realized that it was just Robert Kirkman’s creative genius at work. Negan is an outstanding villain – mostly because of downright insanity.

More than anything, it’s him that drives this issue. He essentially wants Carl to come out so that he can kill him. As I’ve said: It’s very suspenseful, and that makes this issue worth reading, because, for a horror comic, Walking Dead has lacked that suspense for a while now, and it’s back in droves here. Andrea getting attacked is suspenseful, and Negan demanding that Carl come out is even more suspenseful. It gives the issue a fast pace that this series has seriously been lacking.

There’s also quite a bit of action, another thing that the book has been lacking. In a way, I guess that this is still set up, but, at the same time, it’s a story entirely unto it’s own, and as love that. It’s basically a two issue story (I’m assuming it will continue into the next issue) leading up to the big event we all know is coming.

Rating: 9.0, Amazing

Admittedly, this is still set up. That being said, Kirkman has managed to shake that set up feel I’m favor of a suspenseful side story that is the strongest issue of The Walking Dead in a long while. It’s a shorter story, yes, but that works, especially since All Out War is coming soon enough. The Walking Dead has gained some of it’s momentum back, and I’m glad that it has, because it’s made the book far more enjoyable.


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